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  1. Nesikep


    Oh, nothing that pumping another 5 trillion into the economy can't fix!
  2. Nesikep

    2021 calving!

    she should have a playmate in 3 weeks.. she really badly needs some company of her species and size
  3. Nesikep

    2021 calving!

    6 weeks old already, she's looking pretty good, and since her whole family are great producers, she'll probably be a replacement!
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  7. Nesikep

    8 month old calf won't gain

    yup, I agree, no hope there, they should be that weight at 1 month
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    I think it was his grandpa, he was well into his 60's for sure back in 1992. Sam Pozzobon's sister was quite a lady too, she was the grandma of some classmates of mine in high school
  10. Nesikep


    Did you know Sam Pozzobon? he was a bronc/bull rider, very well known family in this area.. we got our first bull from him (Red angus)... That guy would make a sailor blush, and boy did he have stories when he delivered our bull, he unloads him and says to my dad "Here's your F*(in' bull"... My...
  11. Nesikep

    New Ford Maverick at a bare-bones price....

    We had a 2 door 6 cyl 1970 (I think) Maverick.. a pretty decent driving car for its age, had no miles on it, we got it from an old guy in about 1990
  12. Nesikep

    New Ford Maverick at a bare-bones price....

    Most people with fords can't get out of their driveway though
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    I'm 43, got our first bred WILD mutt heifers in the fall of '91, we were total greenhorns, and anything that could go wrong, did.. I think our first calving season we lost 3 calves and 2 cows.. (out of 12 heifers), then lost a few more to pneumonia, back in the days before draxxin, Exede, etc...
  14. Nesikep

    Is there any relatively easy treatment for acorn toxicity?

    talking to some ranchers around here, one guy didn't feed his cows for too long going into the winter, so they went into the forest to eat ponderosa pine needles Couple days later he had 100 aborted calves... Some cows will browse on them for fun, but most won't.. either way, I've waged war...
  15. Nesikep

    Another valued member passed yesterday (Hillsdown)

    I really wish I had the time and deep enough pockets to attend that dispersal.. I really liked the "Sweet pea" heifer, as well as "Fiona" I haven't heard of an obituary being posted yet, I'll let you know if I see one
  16. Nesikep

    I need more coyotes

    I've never had a problem with the yotes and the cows... a much bigger problem for me are pine trees making the cows abort and usually not breed back. I think i've shot 2 in the last 12 years? One actually came on our front porch the other night, I see their tracks in the corrals but they seem...
  17. Nesikep

    Another valued member passed yesterday (Hillsdown)

    I just learned that Wanda (Hillsdown) lost her battle with cancer yesterday. I know she'll be greatly missed, but her positive influence on Gelbvieh cattle, and on women and youth in agriculture will be lasting.
  18. Nesikep

    Horse question

    no.. if I take one i"m going to end up with a dozen... I think she could make a good little horse, she was sweet for being a "wild" horse
  19. Nesikep

    Cold enough

    stayed around -16C 2F here most of the day, got about 6" of snow last night, so spent the day clearing snow.. My poor quad was pretty overworked.. managed to overheat it when it's 0F out.. that's something!
  20. Nesikep

    Here we go.

    yeah, being the lightest ones and they were probably 3 years old