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    Do You still raise corgis ?? We have last of 4 generations. wife interested in red/white...

    Do You still raise corgis ?? We have last of 4 generations. wife interested in red/white female (like her first). Really like what I've seen of your litters. You have any available on horizon. Wilson Lamar Parmer, DVM [email protected] 706-464-5250
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    Dog is losing her eye

    Over my 45+ years of small animal practice, I have had many totally blind patients. Had several that had both eyes enucleated for various reasons. Dogs do exceptionally well without sight if they are in consistent environment. Their sense of smell is so great that they nearly see with their...
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    dog ear infection

    Nothing wrong using mineral oil as cleaner. My opinion, I dont want put oil in area I want to dry up, and most ear infections of moist character. Old time ear wash was rubbing alcohol/hydrogen peroxide 50/50, but if have raw areas will be uncomfortable for dog. Lots treatment products are in...
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    dog ear infection

    Ear Infections in dogs can be simple, complex, multifaceted. Lots breeds predisposed. Dog ear is cone shaped going into the head. Any inflammation, discharge drains deep instead of draining out. It can range anywhere from a simple bacterial or fungal infection to a multifaceted infection...
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    National Vietnam War Veterans Day

    Want some insight into how Vietnam progressed, read McMaster, Dereliction of Duty. Very insightful book and explains LBJ sacrificing US lives to be sure preserves his social programs. This war will always be controversial, but this book po'd me as the bean counters figured X numbers lives ok...
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    Home Weather Monitor

    Had Davis Vantage Vue Wireless 10 yrs. Replaced sending station 2 yr ago. Happy with it.
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    What Is Wrong?

    OK view almost daily, don't comment unless pretty sure I can help. Been watching/reading this subject. Don't really know how I feel 'bout it, Have communicated with Ron, he more liberal than me, more conservative than some. He does like to "stir the pot. Is that good or bad I don't know...
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    Lost my son

    Can only imagine losing a child. My mom passed Oct 18, at 95 year old. She lost her baby girl, my youngest sister in 2008, then her son, 3rd born to ALS in 2014. Both occasions her comments to me "Son, a mother is not supposed to bury her children". I think that comment explains how we feel...
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    Alabama vs Clemson January 7

    Auburn grad so not a Tide fan, but I would never bet against SABAN.
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    Someone is Sending a Message

    Last time I did Cattle work was summer '75, all producers south Alabama, North Fla wanted a Simmental heifer or bull. Embryo transfer was in its infancy, so many AI to current "hot" Simmental bull. I did lots C'sections that spring. Started small animal work fall '75, that every since. I...
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    Someone is Sending a Message

    Lurk here a lot. Post seldom, however getting somewhat tired and frustrated with both the right and left wing element of our society. Get so tired of the political issues where no one serves the people. Would bet that none of the present senate or house won 100% their district. You got the...
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    Starting pepper seeds advice.

    Never done germinating pepper seed since childhood at home for garden. From what I see and research thru websites, there's lots variability in germination times for peppers depending on variety. Some early as 9 days, some up to 3 weeks. Maybe You just being too anxious/worried. W. Lamar Parmer
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    What are you eating today?

    Re Slick Canadian Bacon. I do similar recipe based on Jogeephus recipe, cure 7 days, the smoke 175 til 145 internal. I like, wife loves, so win win. I call it loin bacon, cause it ain't Canadian bacon. Last batch I did went with boneless pork butts, more fat more flavor. The butt bacon...
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    Thanks for all responses. Got help w/o getting thrown in the ditch. My plants have the fuzzy stalk, so gonna bury deep. one response on vegetative reproduction good, but seed I planted 2012 and 2016, so vegetative reproduction not option. Thanks to all took time to help me on this. My...
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    History: This friends dad retired mechanical engineer, Had idea develop seedless tomato. Did crosses/pollinaton 10 plus years. Apparently got down to to 10-12 seed per fruit. He say only problem indeterment-6 ft end season. Dad Dad decease late 2017. he just wants carry on legacy. Plants...
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    This project doing my greenhouse for friend, Used single cell peat starter tray, left dome on too long. Wound up 3 inch spindly plants. They fall over when water, but straighten up. Know tomato can be planted in garden deep. these ready transfer to growth media, just didnt know if plant...
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    Doing some tomato from seed in greenhouse for friend. Now have true leaves, but left dome on seedling too long. Bout 3 in high to true leaves. Ready transplant, can bury to true leave or leave at current seedling level? Wilson L. Parmer
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    Had some concerns

    Jo needs go into politics. Got You spellbound til last sentence, then through You in the ditch. Wilson L Parmer, DVM
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    2018 Best States To Live

    M-5 enlighten us. I see Panhandle, North Fla (Jacksonville, Tallahassee), middle Ocala, ??, then Orlanda/Tampa, rest South Fla Retirement. Correct ???
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    Locked threads

    Don't know who mods are, nor care. If Dun was, he can't be replaced. Several forums, never seen anyone more level headed than he. I would never be judge and jury this group, even though I like the reading and controversy, I would never take over policing this group !!! WLamarParmer,DVM