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  1. TexasShooter

    Trump signs executive order withdrawing US from TPP trade deal

    My question is, what are your thoughts on this announcement and the effect it will have (if any) on the cattle market? Will we see a rebound in prices? Any impact on COOL? Any other thoughts? I am just an interested and concerned cattleman.
  2. TexasShooter

    Nice steer calf, 42 days old...need advice

    Hello All, I had to put the momma cow down yesterday. Typically don't have this issue and the last time I did, I kept the calf in the pasture. The calf lived but was stunted...pop belly, etc. until I sold at the sale barn. My question is...does anyone have any advice on this issue? 1. Do I take...
  3. TexasShooter

    How Long Will This Market Last?

    First off I would like to say that I respect many of the opinions and information that I receive on this website…I have for many years. It has saved me time, money and given me peace of mind. For this, thank you and I am very appreciative of your time. I hope am able to return the favor and...
  4. TexasShooter

    Triclopyr - For Killing Mesquite/Locust Trees

    I wanted to post back on the board based on my research and success using this forum. The results were outstanding and for those that get something from this post I am passing along what I learned here and hope that it might help someone else. 4 weeks ago I did a basel spray (8-10 in. spray...
  5. TexasShooter

    Rye/Clover/Oat mix on Native Pasture

    I am located in NE Texas. I currently have 50-60 acres in native pasture that I want to over seed with a rye/oat/clover mix in Sept/Oct. My plan would be to manage grazing through Feb and then in March/April let it go with the intention of baling. My initial plan is to mow pasture, lightly...
  6. TexasShooter

    EQIP Program

    I was told some information about the EQIP (Environmental Quality Incentives Program) in TX. Specifically, that the program would pay $110 an acre to assist in sprigging, etc. in my area. I would like to know if any members had any experience with this type of program and whether it was a good...
  7. TexasShooter

    Hurricane Rita - Seeding/Fertilizing Opinion

    NE Texas has a potential of getting a substantial amounts of rainfall over the weekend (late Saturday/Sunday/Monday). I had planned on seeding my winter pasture mix on Saturday morning - fertilizing as well. Would you plant before or after the effects of Hurricane Rita? I just wondered if the...
  8. TexasShooter

    Winter pasture questions

    I live in NE Texas…I have never fertilized my pastures - any season. I broadcast rye in Oct. for a winter pasture. This year I have good neighbor that has broken up my winter pasture for me and it is in good planting condition. He has told me that instead of planting just rye, I could buy my...
  9. TexasShooter

    Winter sale question

    Hello, I have some steers/heifers that I would like to sell at the market come this Dec. Has the market, during the last few years, had a tendency to drop in the winter months? I haven’t purchased/sold any livestock during these months since 2001. If the market had dropped, how long did it...
  10. TexasShooter


    I believe I read somewhere in an earlier post (from Dun) 3 things to be concerned about is protein, TDN and nitrates. My questions are... 1. Where can I get hay tested and how long does it take to get results? 2. Is $28 dollars a ton (big round bales) a good price for sudan hay delivered? I...
  11. TexasShooter

    Market ??

    Okay, I just have to ask because there has been talk from several neighbors and co-workers that the market has taken a little step backwards. I have watched several local sale barns via the web and have noticed about a .15-cent dip in prices in the last several weeks. I haven’t seen today’s post...
  12. TexasShooter

    Cows -vs- Steers

    I run approx 20 cows in my herd and would like to increase that number to 30. My neighbor told me the other day he would stay at 20 momma cows and buy from the sale barn 10+ steers and run them on the pasture during the spring/summer/fall months. He says I would come out better not feeding over...
  13. TexasShooter

    NE Texas - fertilizing

    When is the best time to fertilize (both seasons spring and fall)? What type of fertilizer i.e. 10-10-10? I have never fertilized my pastures, but I intend to plant a rye mix this fall in late September/October on one of my pastures. The other pastures (coastal bermuda) I would like to know when...
  14. TexasShooter

    Dosage for newborn calves

    I normally vaccinate my calves at around 3 months but have read (on this message board) to vaccinate as early as possible. How much (ml) of the following should I give a newborn calf? Ear tags what age in mo? 1. Utrabac 8 (black leg)? – The label says 5ml per animal, but obviously there’s...
  15. TexasShooter

    Cow and calf are down - need advice

    Would appreciate any advice – The vet had to pull the calf (9:30 AM) yesterday and because of the trauma, etc. the cow and calf are paralyzed. The cow is paralyzed in the hips/legs area and the calf about the same but has better movement. The vet said the cow could be down several days and the...
  16. TexasShooter

    When is the best time to sell?

    Over the past year or so, because of the market, I have talked to and heard from several ranchers that they are weaning earlier and taking them to the sell. Is there a rule of thumb as far as what age to sell a young calf? I know that $$ and pasture play a huge part, but the reason for my...
  17. TexasShooter


    Okay, I need some advice. Yesterday evening I found one of my newborn calves (5 days old) dead. A predator had attacked it. All that was left was the head, most of the hide, and hind legs. Everything else was gone including the tongue. What am I battling here? Pack of wild dogs, coyotes? What...
  18. TexasShooter

    Aborted calf - Follow up - Need advise

    On Feb 14th I posted this topic.... and by the way thanks for your responses. I have a group of about 10 heifers that should be around 6-8 months pregnant. My bull last year tested at 50% and that's the reason I don't have a more accurate timeframe. A couple of days ago I found what seemed to be...
  19. TexasShooter

    Calf Aborted??

    I have a group of about 10 heifers that should be around 6-8 months pregnant. My bull last year tested at 50% and that's the reason I don't have a more accurate timeframe. A couple of days ago I found what seemed to be an aborted calf approx 40 lbs. The reason I say aborted is because there was...
  20. TexasShooter

    What is the difference between boners and breakers

    Can someone tell me the difference between slaughter cows - boners and breakers? Thanks,