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  1. limftw

    Some LimFlex Bulls

    Been a while since I've been on but figured I would share some photos of this years bull crop. Most of the bulls pictured are either MAGS Cable or CHR Brickhouse sons. Hope all is well with everyone!
  2. limftw

    Some LimFlex Bulls (Tis the Season)

    Been lurking but not posting for a while but figured I'd crawl out from under my rock to share a few bull pictures with everyone. Its been a much easier year weather wise and also upgraded to a grinder-mixer from our old harsh horizontal feed truck and its been a huge difference. We did manage...
  3. limftw

    A hello and some Limflex Cattle

    Its been a while since I've been on here but with all the mud/rain/snow killing my projects I figured I'd say hi again and share a few of my favorite pictures from my CT hiatus! A couple shots of 410B with her calf and a hanger on 241 238 What the hanger on turned in to 236 A freshly weaned...
  4. limftw

    Some Limi and Limflex Bulls

    We just finished clipping the last of them and managed to snap a few photos of this years bulls the other week and thought I would share. Here is the sire of the next three bulls. He is a RUNL Stetson son out of Guardian cow. Son 1: Son 2: Son 3: I don't have a current picture of the sire...
  5. limftw

    XYZ Ranch/TL Cattle Limousin/LimFlex Bull Sale

    Offering 60+ Limousin and Limflex bulls. PAP/Trich/Semen/BVD tested. Progeny of EXAR Upshot, Sydgen Fate, SYES Best Buy, SYES Backstage, and many more. Summered at elevations up to 9000 feet, these bulls are familiar with some rough country and are ready to go to work. Fore more information...
  6. limftw

    Musgrave Aviator Have about 10 calves on the ground so far out of this bull. Its too early to tell whether i like the calves just yet but they sure come easy. Just wondering if anyone else has experience with this bull and how they liked his progeny.
  7. limftw

    Some Bull Pictures

    Finally got around to picturing a few bulls for our sale this year, all bulls pictured are lim-flex. TL 711B - Sire: Upshot MGS: Waddles Newt 316 TL - Sire: JSAR Titan MGS: DJ Gentleman in Black GSAC 60B - Sire: Connealy Consensus 7229 MGS: Bon View New Design 1407 GSAC 292B - Sire: TL...
  8. limftw

    Limousin/LimFlex Bull Photos

    That time of the year again! Pretty happy with how all our bulls are shaping up save for a few. Took some mineral tubs to the feedlot the other day and was able to snap a few photos. The clipped bulls we have here at the house, plan on taking them to the Four States Ag Expo this March. All...
  9. limftw

    Fall Gather/Weaning Photos

    So much moisture this fall that it really made things interesting! Had some time to snap a few pics along the way to getting the calves weaned and thought i would share a few. Coming off the forest with a small group of cows. It was a muddy mess up there this year. They always find the...
  10. limftw

    [Pics]Some limo/limflex bulls

    Thought i'd share a few of the photos we snapped the other day for our catalog. Its safe to say that photography is not my forte. #109 #537 #806 806, 529, and U9 the angus on the right
  11. limftw

    Limi/LimFlex Weaned Bull Calves [Pics]

    Finally done gathering and weaning... overall we were pretty happy with the performance considering the lack of water/feed on the permit. We have had these calves on silage/hay for a few weeks. A lot of them look a little awkward to me at the moment but I figure this is as bad as they will...
  12. limftw

    Few photos from the summer range

    1st Calf heifer 50/50 Lim-Flex w/ new standard calf on her Been a dry year here hopefully we don't get sent home early :drink:
  13. limftw


    Finally got the cattle moved onto the forrest. Couldn't come soon enough :cowboy:
  14. limftw

    Myths of feeding silage?

    We put up silage last year because we just can't raise enough hay on the land we have to support our operation. Anyways, I was talking to an old-timer here, and he claims he doesn't like to feed silage to his cows if he can avoid it. He felt that feeding silage caused their teeth to rot and a...
  15. limftw

    Limflex Bulls[Pics]

    Been lurking around these boards for a few months and finally decided to join in on the fun. The following pictures are some yearlings that we will sell this April. Any inputs on what you like/dislike and what everyone looks for the most in a bull would be appreciated! These guys are ran in a...