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    back again, with some calf issues

    Hi there: Been over 2 years since I've posted here, and Im sure most of you don't remember me. So...Im working as a calf manager/feeder for a 300 cow dairy. This guy was sending his calves out to custom raisers until early this summer, when they raised their costs too high for his liking...
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    Employer failure to withhold FICA

    I know that legally an employer is not required to withhold state and federal taxes, but I am also aware that they are required to withhold SS and Medicare. My boss is doing neither, and pays in cash. When I asked him about it he laughed and said, "legally you don't work for me. Don't report...
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    Woman work boots

    I'm getting a little irritated at my footwear situation. I spend hours and hours on my feet working with dairy cattle. Obviously my feet are consistently getting wet with any number of things, from acid to blood. I've been wearing workboots for years, but have about had enough of them because...
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    Calf jacks and calving paralysis

    Just curious if any of you have found a direct correlation between using a jack and the heifer/cow suffering paralysis? When you are using a jack, how fast do you go? I've heard different opinions as to how fast to pull a calf. There's a wide difference between the herd manager and myself to...
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    Dairy/Ag Spanish

    Boss hired two Hispanics that speak little or no english. They bring in a translator occasionally, but the language barrier is huge nonetheless. Boss is all for me taking Spanish classes (all he wants is one person there who can communicate with them). They don't start until October though...
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    Penn Procaine and horses

    Asking this per the request of Milkmaid...
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    Water and boggy places

    Just got back from a great trail ride on my gelding, with one exception. He has a fetish about getting his feet wet. Neighbor kid was with me on my pony mare, and I had him go first. Jack followed her...well almost. Went over two saplings in an effort to evade the water. Any suggestions...
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    Fast death of a dairy cow

    Fresh under 20 days, not sure how many DIM exactly. She walked into the parlor, was milked by my partner, than went down 3 times before exiting. Fast resps, 104 temp, ears cold. Begged her to get up :P and managed to get her into the sick pen. Tried contacting the herd manager with no...
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    TB vaccine?

    Dairy herd I work with was evidently vaccinated for TB yesterday. I don't very often talk to the herd manager, and I was curious how this vaccine works, and how common it is? Never heard of it before last night.
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    Confronting a boss-update

    Debated posting this on here, but I need advice and you guys seem to be a good bunch. :) This has been building since about March 06. I work for a dairy, (as most of you know) and the boss' wife who does the book-keeping started not paying me for the hours I was working. I'm the idiot here...I...
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    sunrise pic

    I didn't take mom did. But I thought it was worth sharing anyhow. Don't see many of these since I work nights. :roll:
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    Pay is just an added benefit

    When you get a job like the one I just found. :) Feeding calves is great...the boss is incredible and highly informative. They raise them from babies all the way to springers. Basically the only ones I'll take care of are the babies and weanlings. All I see is the great opportunity to learn...
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    Hours worked a week

    Got a call from a gal this morning who is interested in hiring me p/t to feed calves for them. They custom raise dairy calves, and it's an area that I have little experience with. Currently am working about 45-48 hours a week at a 400 cow dairy, and I figure with the calves it'd raise me to...
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    Yet another Jack pic...

    Just can't resist showing off my kid! :D :lol:
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    What's this...interesting wording on a help wanted ad

    It's a job opening for AI tech, but have never seen this on an ad before... Why have this on an ad?
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    Overreach boots

    Anyone use them and have a specific preference as far as brands? I'm looking to buy a pair for my gelding. He came from my riding instructor who always used boots on him because he has a huge stride and can't help but clip his fronts at the canter. I thought for awhile I could get by without...
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    Holly Heifer...App/TB?

    Just seen you own one. I've been thinking about getting my Appy mare bred in 07 to a TB. Basically looking for a colt with more leg and a bit more energy. Does this cross create a combination of hot/stubborn? Anything I should know about TB studs before I start shopping for one?
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    Wisconsin pic....

    Taken from horseback today on state owned land...
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    Pic of my new gelding

    Changed the name...and I'm settled on it. Introducing my new gelding.... Captain Jack
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    E. Coli

    I've tried doing a search online, but come with a lot of stuff to sort through. Could someone tell me how E. Coli is spread? I know it's environmentally born, but does it spread from contaminated washing towels and the milker's hands?