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  1. Stickney94

    Feeding Area

    Gizmom/others I'm very curious about geo textile sheeting -- particularly that has been used for a cattle installation -- do you have a brand or type?
  2. Stickney94

    Cost of plastic wrap

    I got a quote yesterday for $100 per roll -- which is a 40.8% increase over what I paid in April. The quote was only good for the day.
  3. Stickney94

    butchering at 12 to 14 months

    Aggressively. :-) Your cattle's genetics will play a large part in what your outcome will be. If you are simply feeding out to butcher for personal use -- you can either just go cheap (grass/hay) or simple (whole corn + hay/grass) or expensive (purchased feed ration from a reputable feed mill...
  4. Stickney94


    We used ET for the first time last summer. The Embryologist had us set up our recips with cidrs much like for AI. The embryo is then implanted roughly one week after you would normally AI the cow. That's a very rough timing. I'm sure others can give the schedule down to the hour/minute.
  5. Stickney94

    Cow standing ? Who to use ?

    Considering what Confidence Plus straws have brought recently . . . hard to use one of those on anything other than an ET/flush project. Be honest with your goal and attack that. All of those bulls listed are good bulls. Ashland may even be a good cross for that cow (couldn't get the...
  6. Stickney94


    The big players in the beef industry realized how valuable end product/carcass data was. They also know that withholding it from farmers/ranchers allows them a huge advantage.
  7. Stickney94


    CT should add a category in the profile for Operation Type. I grew up in a cow/calf to finish cattle operation. That's all I know. I mention because my goals and metrics are aimed at end product. This weaning data is a piece of the puzzle. However, I also know based on yearling and slaughter...
  8. Stickney94


    I used actual (Weaning lb-Birth lb)/Days since Birth. I get where AAA/other breeds need to try and equalize for variables so they have "adjusted" formulas to aid comparison across the breed/breeders/regions. However the adjusted 205 weaning weights can make cows with fertility...
  9. Stickney94


    Not to hijack the thread (then proceeds to hijack thread :)) Weaned calves last weekend. ADG for the group was 2.51 (3.08 High/1.86 low (1st calf heifer)). That is very similar to 2020. Considering the summer/fall drought -- I was pleased (no creep). Average ADG on PB Angus was 2.61...
  10. Stickney94

    Where do you find it?

    I know ABS has a bull search app that has at least the capacity to show these items -- not sure if this link will go there for Mead Magnitude (that sire just was at the top of the list): I've been using that cross...
  11. Stickney94

    Finishing Heifers

    Hopefully the below posts -- from the Univ of MN ration balancer. I've never fed milo -- but in the 70s/80s my dad grew milo and used it as livestock feed. I know he always preferred it for feeding to corn but I don't know all the details as to why. FEEDSTUFF DM TDN NEM NEG NEL CP UIP NPN...
  12. Stickney94

    Feed Efficiency

    You said it in your next reply -- judging weight by visual appearance can be flawed. And honestly, very flawed. I'm better at judging cows. But weaned calves and yearlings can really hide their weight. Also, I have some 6+ frame cows that are tall, but weigh less than some "moderate" cows...
  13. Stickney94

    Feed Efficiency

    Thanks for that article. Yes, I've started using feed efficiency data in my selection for Angus AI sires. I would love to have a GrowSafe system for measuring my herd's feed efficiency but that's not in the cards. I will say we added some fairly inexpensive scales to our operation a couple...
  14. Stickney94

    ? About a feeding out calves.

    I'm with you Jeanne -- I think the image of easy keeping may differ from the reality. Drought here all summer meant we've been supplementing with poor hay and corn stalks for more than a month already. It's amazing how quickly a fat cow can decline in BCS when the pickings are slim and the...
  15. Stickney94

    ? About a feeding out calves.

    I really wish I had a GrowSafe system to measure the actual vs the visual. I have retained some heifers from these moderate AI sires and visually I'd describe them as "easy fleshing" -- are they truly low upkeep? IDK. Admittedly, after buying some scales a few years ago, my impressions of my...
  16. Stickney94

    ? About a feeding out calves.

    KY -- as Bigfoot says you will get mixed answers. What you describe is essentially how my program works (due to space/acres). The program I grew up in put weaned calves on grain from the get-go (using ground oats/barley and moving to corn over time). They were then on pasture from green up...
  17. Stickney94

    Plant i.d.

    In SW MN/E SD -- dock is fairly common. I have one grazing paddock that frequently floods out and the first thing to regrow is curly dock. Cattle tend to ignore it in my experience. In hay, I'd say the same thing, cattle pick around it. One site said cattle would need to eat 10-20 lbs of...
  18. Stickney94

    Had an interesting discussion with a retired dairy farmer from central valley of Cal.

    This. Grimmius (and some other large dairy groups) have been buying high priced bulls for a few years. Grimmius now has a stud catalog out. Those dairies (and some beef groups) all have the same goal -- using DNA/sexed semen/technology -- to remove much of the variation in the beef industry...
  19. Stickney94

    Stockpiling Orchard Grass ?

    Steve -- was wondering how you were managing it -- how early do you cut your reed canary? (or do you just graze it?)
  20. Stickney94

    Stockpiling Orchard Grass ?

    Steve probably has his own answer -- but in SW MN/ Eastern SD generally, reed canary probably is easier to manage than in the NW US. In my experience Reed Canary tends to have peaks and valleys -- expanding in wet years and being out competed in dry years. Haying and Grazing certainly can keep...