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  1. lead_dog


    Are any of you familiar with Brow-Tine Chicory? I want to plant some chicory this weekend in an existing pasture, and Brow-Tine is a lot less than Puna. Anyone have any experience with it?
  2. lead_dog

    Planting Clover & Rye grass together

    I have a pasture that I would like to plant in Durana clover and Passerel Plus rye grass this fall. Can I no till them at the same time, or would I need to plant the clover first?
  3. lead_dog

    How to judge when the cow/steer is ready for processing

    I have a few beeves that I believe are getting close to ready for processing. I've never judged this before, so I'm not sure. I'm told to look for the brisket to fill out, look for fat around the tail, etc., but I'm not sure what I'm comparing it against, so it's confusing. Below are pictures...
  4. lead_dog

    Weighing a newborn calf

    What is the proper procedure for weighing a newborn calf by measuring the heel?
  5. lead_dog

    Castration Question

    I banded my bull calf about a week ago at 7 months of age. How long do I need to wait before I can put him back in with the cows/heifers?
  6. lead_dog

    Evaluating a 12 month old bull

    This is my 12 month old Murray Grey bull, which we're planning on using this summer on 12 cows and heifers. What do you look for in evaluating a bull physically (beyond EPD's), and how does he look? This is our first one to I'm looking for honest, candid feedback. You can see a larger image...
  7. lead_dog

    Castration, 7 month old

    I researched the archives and saw some posts in the past about castration, but wanted to be sure about this since it's my first time. We have a 7 month old bull calf that wasn't castrated prior to our acquiring him. Therefore, we want/need to do it very soon. Is banding appropriate at this...
  8. lead_dog

    Bull Handling Tips

    I'm curious what you experienced veterans would offer as "bull handling tips". I have my first bull (two actually, one 12 months the other 8 months) and just separated him from 12 cows, who were put on pasture. I'm moving the two young bulls to a separate pasture further away. As soon as we did...
  9. lead_dog

    Clear trees for pasture or restore a pasture

    I may have an option to buy 50 acres adjoining me which is all trees (mainly scrub pine and sweet gum), or to buy 50 acres on the other side which is 60% pasture, but VERY run down and completely overgrazed (think hardwood floor). The one that is current pasture will cost me twice as much as...
  10. lead_dog

    Producing the perfect steak

    I expect there will be a lot of opinions on this. If you wanted to set out to produce consistently high quality beef, what would be your top 3-4 most important attributes in PRIORITY order? For example? 1. Average daily gain 2. Breed 3. Type of feed 4. Age at processing or something else?
  11. lead_dog

    Frame Size

    Regarding beef cattle, I'm confused if I should be breeding for a specific frame size. I've gathered that a more moderate size (5 or so) may be preferred. I assume this relates to a need for less feed and potentially fewer health problems, particularly with feet. However, a larger frame size...
  12. lead_dog

    My new Murray Grey herd

    Finally got my herd of Murray Greys started in Georgia. More coming next week, and will have 19 total by March. Here's the current herd: Here are the first three heifers:
  13. lead_dog

    Hay vs. Silage

    I need to feed 15 beef cows for 2 months in a confined area before I put them on pasture. Hay is tough to come by and is expensive, but a neighbor has a source for corn silage, which he said the cows would prefer and that it was fine for them nutritionally. I'm new to this and am looking for...
  14. lead_dog

    KPX Chipper Review

    Hi. I posted here a couple of months ago about chippers and ended up buying a KPX chipper for my farm. I finally got to assemble and operate it this weekend, and posted a review here on my blogif any of you are interested in my experience. Just wanted to share...
  15. lead_dog

    Liming poor pasture

    I'm doing the first liming next week on a pasture we're renovating. The average ph is 5.5 right now. On one 20 acre side which was formerly planted in winter annuals but has been abandoned for 10 years or so, there are a lot of weeds, with a big stand of broomsedge bluestem. I know the rule...
  16. lead_dog

    Multi-species Fencing

    I'm struggling with the decision of what fence to put in to surround our pasture to keep in cattle, goats, sheep and pigs. This is an 8,000 ft perimeter fence. It seems woven wire is best, but it's the most costly. I can't seem to get a straight answer on how far apart I can get away spacing...
  17. lead_dog

    Ryegrass & Durana, no access to no-till

    Similar to other posts I read below, I need to plant some seed in the next couple of weeks to renovate a pasture here in E. Georgia. Right now, we're mowing them as close to the ground as possible. The plan is to plant durana clover over the existing fescue/bermuda sod, and to plant ryegrass...
  18. lead_dog

    Murray Grey Video

    FYI, just thought I'd post a video of some Murray Greys we went to visit in Ohio. You'll probably want a high speed connection. Just click the "Play" arrow after it loads.
  19. lead_dog

    Feeding pot scrubbers to cows

    Can you believe this?
  20. lead_dog

    Starting my herd, opinions

    Hi, I'm preparing to start my herd of pure grass-fed cows. Here are pictures of the 4 cows, each bred and with a calf, that I'm looking at buying. This will give me 8 to start, plus 4 more in the spring. Just wanted your opinions in terms of conformity, etc. They look great to me, but I am...