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  1. Hereford76

    Corrientes in Montana?

    At shelby
  2. Hereford76

    Corrientes in Montana?
  3. Hereford76

    More Pics Form the BC Interior

    I'm curious how a pedigree would read on a Hereford bull that you'd invest in...
  4. Hereford76

    ISO Mark Donald Hereford Semen

    Here is a link to his great great grandsire jarman listed as one he is looking for semen on - im sure his epd graph looks wrong too. All those bulls he listed are in this bull's background. Guess I missed his epd graph... but I saw all his pfg's. If I remember right I used him cause he gave me...
  5. Hereford76

    ISO Mark Donald Hereford Semen

    Have semen on this bull. Far from old but he was pretty good bull. Good luck... spent lots of time trying to track down old bulls.
  6. Hereford76

    Bull photos for Knersie

    now it's become an example of why everyone left.
  7. Hereford76


    A thread to share Hereford pics... Ok. Now it's harley, coleman, miller, and deewall turn.
  8. Hereford76

    Bull photos for Knersie

    Didn't say I don't like it... just don't look here like I used to and the day I do there are pics of my bulls on here - was kind of surprising that's all. I don't know if some folks realize the people that used to participate here and HT. At both places the majority of them not so much got ran...
  9. Hereford76

    Bull photos for Knersie

    I never look at CT anymore... don't know why I did. 2 of those bulls are full et sibs. The first one would be grandson of sire to et sibs. Full et sister to et bulls above... with 1st calf
  10. Hereford76

    Bull photos for Knersie

    Breeding in oregon late March to June 20th... then exposed to 103 mature cows June 20th and will be pulled another 7 days. Shouldn't have posted this pick cause there is no straw to hide his horrid feet and he's slicked off and nothing to hide the lack of muscle over his poor topline.
  11. Hereford76

    Front pasture cattle

    WFBET... Creekdrive, I think that morning your husband's grandpa told his wife she was getting too old to tag calves.
  12. Hereford76

    Show your bull(s) - Put a pic up

    So you got any dtrs in production back to the old bull or will they come thru this bull? What was mom for bull pictured?
  13. Hereford76

    Show your bull(s) - Put a pic up

    So he back to that old English bull?
  14. Hereford76

    Replacement Heifers

    I can think of several deals that proved Long wrong... (a hereford cow for one) but his discriptions are pretty much as they would be today. Question OT. How do the cattle you breed today compare to your bigger better faster days in regards to hip?
  15. Hereford76

    Is this a diluter heifer?

    Is the spotting gene in Holstein the same gene as carried in some herefords?
  16. Hereford76

    Show your bull(s) - Put a pic up

    That isn't anything to do with Belmoral angus (Bell at dubuc, sask)?
  17. Hereford76

    BTF 167 5100

    can't help you a bit... curious tho - i think i must have seen some of your cattle up at calgary one year? haven't been there in a while so it could been 10 years or better ago. maybe dreamin but i thought i remember a horn or two in that string of bulls. what is your opinion of the wdf herd?
  18. Hereford76

    A good old bull, part one.

    this is a son? got any other pictures of him?
  19. Hereford76

    Daughters Going Crazy!

    Her milk comes in full swing and you need a extra calf for her I got one. Ronan angus cow with eek old 827 baldie heifer calf choked and died eating another cows afterbirth. Still got about 45 or so to calve but I get done and don't need the calf she'd probably like that dairy cow better than...
  20. Hereford76

    Hereford Genetic Summit

    is that supposed to surprise me? its funny when someone shares their own opinions or views and others take offense to it - its always called badmouthing, beating a dead horse, butting heads or whatever.