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    Bulk Bin coating and sweating.

    Recently obtained a 3 ton steel bulk bin. Gonna resurface the inside after i clean the little surface rust off. I am wondering what would be the best thing to use inside to coat it. Paint, rhino liner, other kind? I am also trying to find out any way to keep it from sweating and drawing...
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    Red Clover Seed

    Could someone explain the difference between seed that is plain and the seed that is coated/inoculated? Is the coated that much better? Getting ready to broadcast some more on my hay fields and wanted to learn the difference.
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    Vermeer roller bearings

    Anyone know the trick to be able to get both sides of the bolts holding the rollers loose. Need to take out and replace the bearings before I get in the field. These are the rollers in the gate and above. I can get one loose but not the other side. Any way to hold it from turning?
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    Vermeer 6030 Disc Mower

    Was wondering about this number mower and how it is. Have a New Idea disc but looking to go up to an eight foot mower. Anyone have one and how are they?
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    Sold some Yesterday

    Took some steers to the sale and received the following: Black 520 lbs 115.00 598.00 , was out of a young heifer that got bred by a jersey bull at the house, Had the bull for jersey nurse cow and ones to be. Had one horn, banded both but never got the second off. Blk 450...
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    Cow Incident

    Just read TallTimbers account of his heifer having trouble. Sorry to hear that. I also had about the same thing Friday night. Checking around 5:00 pm and missing a cow ( around 9 years old).Probably 7th calf. Had last checked late Wed night and no showing of calving soon. Anyway, Found and...
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    Fescue Belt

    Reading some posts, some talk about the fescue belt. Curious, What States/Areas are you considering the Fescue Belt?
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    Mineral Recipe

    wondering about the following Recipe for Minerals that I got from a Old time Neighboring farmer. Said he has used this mix for years and no trouble with pinkeye and cows always do good. 200 Lbs Dicalcium Phosphate 200 Lbs Limestone 200 Lbs Trace mineral salt 60 Lbs A-D-E Has this...
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    Trip to Mounds, Oklahoma

    My son and I took a trip to buy a hay hauler from Go Bob Pipe in Mounds and was wondering who all We went by and/or was close to? We drove down I-44.
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    Farm Sale Prices

    Auction sale: some cow/calve pairs at a Estate farm sale. Closed herd blk cows pairs, oldest about 7, most three and four, brought 3300 pairs to 3800 for 3n1s.
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    Sold some that I had held back

    Took 5 yearling steers and sold them yesterday. These were some I had held back instead of selling in the fall. One was a calf from a pair where the cow didn't give much milk, pair that I had bought, let him grow into his pot belly. He sold with a red mottled face bigger frame calf. 2 head...
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    Cattle Climatization

    I have thought about the effects for moving cows north from the south and south from the north. Is there a better time that you should buy/move to ward off some of the chances of getting sick? Sure not in the dead of winter but the other seasons? How long to get acclimated to an area before...
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    Three Way Cross Question

    If a Santa Gertrudis is made up of a Shorthorn/Brahma cross (Right?) and you breed to a full blood Hereford are the calves (Star Fives) considered F-1s? I realize that SGs are considered a breed but are they not considered a cross?
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    Hay Heat

    Saw on one of the threads a comment about the heat hay has after baling. What is the consensus about days after baling? When is safe to move off field and store(either in a barn or end to end out side)? I always seem to want to move after a week or so but see some move and stack the same or...
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    Cows Riding Whos in Heat?

    This is a question that I've tried to get answered for awhile. When you have cows that are riding each other Is the cow they are trying to ride in heat or is the one doing the riding in or coming in? I've asked a few people and it is always split. Some say the one on the bottom and some say...