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    Longhorns Cows

    Longhorn Breeders have been blessed with cattle with very long and productive lives. How long do you keep your Longhorn cows? What age do you stop breeding them? How old is too old? I am always thinking about the 29 year old Longhorn that had 28 calves. A 16 year Longhorn cows starts to look...
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    Animated Knot-Tying

    Learn how to make almost every type of knot! Worthy of a bookmark!
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    70% loss in Hay production in Texas!

    The news just reported that Texas has loss 70% of it's hay production. I bet round bale prices will be $120 by Nov! It's going to be a long hard winter for cattlemen.
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    Greatest Texas Longhorn Bull

    For the Longhorn Breeders on the board. In you opinion what is/was the greatest Texas Longhorn Bull.
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    Fly blocks - Fly control

    I have been using the fly control blocks, but my cows eat them way to fast, it's not really cost effective. What do you guys use that is more cost effective?
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    Feed Bins

    I am going to replace a two and half ton feed bin/silo. What type of feed bins do you use? Looking for names of some good companies. Websites? Thanks
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    Longhorn Colors

    What are the different colors you have seen on Longhorns? I was told about a Blue Texas Longhorn Bull by a Vet, who gave me the ranchers phone number. I called him to see if he would stud his bull, he said yes. I dropped off the cow and the Bull had tiny blue spots. Very cool! I am hoping for...
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    Injection knots

    I have given many LA 200 shots to sick animals. I gave a shot to a sick calf, and their is a large hard knot at the injection site. The injection was given 7 days ago. I have heard of this, but have never had it happen to me. Well this knot go way in time? What is the knot? Scar tissue...
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    Gilligan's Island - Please vote!

    Ginger or Mary Ann?
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    Orneriness is a Virtue in Texas, and Caustic is a Apostle

    Where is brother Caustic? Did that pig get the best of him? :D
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    Natural Selection

    (From the Heresy thread) Changing the subject for a second, all my animals get the recommended vaccinations. Idea for everyone to think about. This is not possible, because we all need to make money. But I think the cattle breeds would be stronger without vaccinations in the long run. The weak...
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    Need copy of a land lease agreement

    I am going to lease some land from a neighbor. Does anyone have a standard land lease form? Plus it's raining in Texas....... sure does smell sweet!