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    Cow/Bull interaction

    The bull was put with the cows April 13. So, today is his 62nd day with them. I plan to leave him in until June 28 (that's 76 days). This past calving season, all calves were born within 60 days. And that's what I like to see. I haven't seen him acting interested in any of the cows in quite a...
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    Don't cuss the cold or rain.

    I'm a little North of True Grit and JMJ Farms. Haven't had any measurable rain here in 2 weeks and only 2.2 inches for all of May. AND we had a dry April too. No real percentage chance of rain in the forecast for 2 more weeks (hope they're wrong on that). At 4 pm today it was 98 degrees with...
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    Tire problem

    Boy, my original post about the tire problem died away pretty quickly. And then like crabgrass (which I like), it popped back up out of nowhere and really spiraled into another realm. Pretty funny! Just FYI, I took the most frequent advice given and replaced that tire last summer. And BTW, my...
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    Heifer/Bull ratios

    I'm currently at 11 bulls and 13 heifers alive with 4 more to calve. However, I have also lost 2 heifers and 1 bull calf (so the real ratio is 12 to 15 I guess). I've had 2 sets of twins this season with one survivor from each set (dead twins not included in the ratio). Calving started Feb. 2...
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    What I'm seeing today

    Cows enjoying crabgrass and some pearl millet.
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    Hayfield Grass ID

    Definitely not bahia or crabgrass. At first I thought it might be johnsongrass also. But something about it, at least in these pictures, didn't seem to let me make that match definitively. Not trying to be rude, but I assumed everyone in the southeast that does any kind of farming knows what...
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    Tire problem

    Walked by my tractor this afternoon and found this. I assume air has gotten between the plys, somehow. Any of you had this happen? Is it repairable? It is a front tire and I do use my loader quite a bit. Drill a hole to let the air escape and then put a tube in it? Run it like it is? Or just...
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    Bud Box

    Yep, both of my catch pens employ the "bud box". And I really like them. Mine are approximately 12 ft. wide and 24 ft. long, It works very well with the cows. However, I found calves are a little more difficult to get through the hole. To solve that problem, I installed a second gate that hinges...
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    What I'm seeing today

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    What would you do?

    In October I overseeded about 5 acres of summer grass pasture with Durana clover. I left the cows on it for a few days to tromp it in and crop the summer grass down (mostly bahia along with Quick-N-Big crabgrass). The cows haven't been on it since then. The clover is coming on pretty good now...
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    What I see today

    Marshall ryegrass (sown October 13) is up enough to give the cows some limited grazing time on it. They're getting 1 hour/day on 2-acre parcels, then it's back to the hay. There is some Wrens Abruzzi Rye on the edges. This is a one of my hay fields. Moved the cows over here October 30 to graze...
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    I just finished putting in cross fencing using a 2-strand hot wire with 3 ground rods set 10 feet apart. I was having the same issue. Voltmeter was reading 9.5 kV at the energizer terminals, but only 2.0-2.5 kV on the wire itself. This was my first experience with HT wire and an AC energizer. I...
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    Suggestions for fencing HUA

    Right now I have a total of 50 cows and calves, but in the process of building my numbers (slowly). I know the 4-ball waterers are a little "overkill" for my numbers, but I'm getting a really good deal on them. Fencing a perimeter around the HUA and waterer to create a "common" area from any of...
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    Barbwire roller /unroller

    Looks like it worked perfectly!! Congrats to him. (Is he still an employee?) :roll:
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    Suggestions for fencing HUA

    I've qualified for some NRCS EQUIP help. As part of that, a well has been drilled and I'm getting ready to start laying pipe to the locations for 3 watering facilities. I'm going to use 4-ball freezeless MiraFount waterers. Each of these watering facilities is required to have a Heavy Use Area...
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    Good sign or bad sign?

    I had to alter my regular paddock rotation schedule to get them back into the Pearl Millet. Even so, I had already let it get out of hand (just a little :lol: ) Turned them in late this afternoon. They were last in this paddock June 20 & 21.
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    Hay Season 2017

    Posted pictures of this same field back in April during my first cutting of the season. It was overseeded in ryegrass then. Today I did my 4th cutting of the season on that same field with its Summer grass going strong. It's mostly Quick-N-Big Crabgrass now with a lot of Bahia mixed in. Was...
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    Good sign or bad sign?

    Evidently, it was just that they had never had it before. By the second day, they were eating it first and, unfortunately, pulling some up by the root in the really wet areas. Last night, at about 10 p.m., I decided ( a brain fart on my original plan) to expand their area. When I go there most...
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    Cattle Curtain

    dun, I'd be interested in one of those. Maybe even the 6 foot model. I think it might be more efficient than a normal cattle rub/roll. Where do you place it and what insecticide/oil combination do you find to work the best? Flies are really bad here this year. I'm using a combination of several...
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    Good sign or bad sign?

    Got my 2nd hay cutting on this field May 7. It was predominantly ryegrass that had been drilled into what is mostly bahia summer grazing. On May 12 I drilled Tifleaf 3 Pearl Millet into that stuble. The millet and bahia have been growing together since then. I turned the cows onto it for the...