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    My Steer Pics and Name Suggestions

    I want yalls honest opinion on my two show steers please. Sired by Heat Wave Born in Sept. I know in the profile veiw it looks like he breaks behind his shoulders, but he got a fungal infection and lost all his hair in between his shoulders and a little down his back. So I think it...
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    Show Steer Tips

    I haven't been on here in awhile. I got my show steer today. He is a Heat Wave son that was born in the last part of Sept. I plan on taking him to Fort Worth. This is my second year with a steer and my first major haired steer. I have alot of questions because I have a good calf this year and I...
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    Bulls For Sale

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    Show Steer Update

    Hey yall! I wanted to give you an update on my show steer, J.B. He weighs around 800 lbs now and is still on Hi-Pro Grower. Side: <br> <BR> <BR> Front: <br> <br> Rear: <br> <br> <br> Tell me what ya think. Thanks
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    Internet and Satellite Auctions

    What do you guys think about Internet and Satellite Auctions? What are the benefits of using them? Thanks in advance!!!!
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    No Calves

    I am starting to wonder why we haven't had any calves this year. We have 8 brahman cows and one brahman heifer. This is the 2nd year we have used our bull. He produced a nice calf crop last year. But so far this year there hasn't been one calf. Our last natural sired calf was born March 31 2007...
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    To The Older Generation

    I am doing some research on the new technologies in the Beef Industry. I was wondering what you as the older generation of beef producers rely on to keep your operation up and running? I don't want to offend anyone. By the way I didn't know what board to post this on. Thanks in advance!
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    Worming with Valbazen

    We recently switched worming vaccinations and all of are cattle need to be wormed, we bought Valbazen. On the bottle it says not to administer to cattle within 45 days of pregnancy. I'm not sure how far along they all are. If I missjudge how far alond some of hte coms are and accidently...
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    Commercial Cattle

    I have to write and preform a speech. I wanted to ask some expert cattle people a question. What are some major Commercial Cattle that are a big influence on U.S. Beef Industry that are Brahman derived? Thanks
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    Cattle Trailers

    Does anyone know of a Cattle Trailer Dealership in or around Central Texas, that carries new or used trailers. We are looking to buy atleast a 24' Aluminum with 2 inside gates and a back slider gate. With a nose compartment. Thanks in advance.
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    First Calves???

    My 2 show heifers are the first calves out of first time heifers. We have gone to a couple of shows with them there is a BIG size difference in them and other heifers there age. I have asked around and other breeders say that it is probably because they are First Calves. My question is do they...
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    Thoughts On This Steer

    Okay this is my first steer JB. He is, of course, a black baldie. He is sired by a Reg. Angus and his dam is a Reg. Hereford. He was calved the end of September he weighs 430 lbs. He has only been off his mom 3 weeks and just started eating Show Calf Grower in the past week. He eats 20 lbs a day...
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    Help With Steer Hair Care

    I have been rinsing my steer everynight and then drying him with my blower. Then I spray Revive on him and comb it in then I blow it in to his hair. Do I need to spray him with Revive everyday and is it better to not blow it in? Is this a light enough spray or should I be using something...
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    Breaking Steer

    I got my Steer for 4-H on the 12th. He weighs about 450lbs give or take a bit and is a Spet 07 Black Baldie. I have been rinisng him every night since the 13th and them combing him out after I get done. Then I try to walk him. I have to say he is a booger bear. When ever I apply pressure to his...
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    Show Steer (Pics Added)

    I am goin Sautday morning to look a possible steers for one of my 4-H projects. This will be my first steer. I am looking at black baldies and herefords. Hopefully I will get some pictures. Can any of you give me some advice on what to look for? I am a pretty good judge of cattle but these...
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    Hair on Steers

    Okay I am planning on showing a steer, my first, he will be a Black Baldie or Hereford. I will get him around April. Since I live in Texas the weather gets real hot. Someone told me I had to rinse and brush him everyday and keep atleast 2 fans on him all time. During the summer put a mister on...
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    We are thinking about taking some of our Brahman cows and breeding them to a Hereford bull in the next couple of years. After my show career is practically over. We want to keep the Tigerstripe F-1's I was wondering if we took the Tigerstripe heifers we get when we breed our Brahman's to the...
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    Update on Brahmans

    Okay so heres an update on my calves. This is the pervious topic I posted about my show bull awhile ago. ... 13&t=37388 Here is what he looks like now. Tell me what you think. This is the other topic I posted on what heifer to pick...
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    Help! Ringworms? Mange?

    I have 2 goats, a Spanish and a Boer Cross. I noticed a scale like spot under my Spanish goats eye. I asked someone and they said they thought it was a ringworm so I have been docotring it with iodine. Then a spot came up under his ear and then a lump came up on the back of his ear I don't know...
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    Is it Just Mine or are all bulls this way!

    Is it just mine or are all bulls generally easier to break than heifers. I have two brahman bulls. The first one broke in about 3 weeks and made it to the Houston Livestock Show. I have another Bull and it took about a month tops to break him and he went to the AJBA National show. I have a...