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    Young cattle sale

    I have a straight cow/calf operation. Since I'm older and have only been in the business for a couple of years, I would like to ask folks when they sell their calves.(they are weaned at the same time in my operation.) thanx.
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    Portable headgate??

    I have two holding pens, and chutes that are 3-5 miles apart, but don't yet have a head gate. Am planning to get a new Priefert HG91(manual/auto). At 180 pounds it isn't something I can load up myself at my age. Does anyone with a Priefert use it as a portable and have some type wheel...
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    Application of ear tags

    How does everyone apply ear tags and shots? Do you use a squeeze chute AND head gate or just the chute? thanks.
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    Need further info

    Found my best cow with what we thought was a foot problem. Maybe foot rot. After locating her and fiinding her down with her two back ankles protruding, her feet looked fine but her ankle was swollen to the degree that it looked twice the size of the other. I hand fed her some cubes and she's...
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    Where do you give a shot on a cow?

    I have a seriously limping cow - a rear leg.
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    Head Gates

    What is everyone's preference for head gate's so that I can work my cattle. I have a holding pen, squeeze chute, etc. but now need to buy something to hold the cattle for any shots, ear tags, OR? Thank you. BTW, I sure learn a lot from you folks and it's very nice how you share so unselfishly...
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    Ear Tags

    Many folks here in Central Florida don't brand but use ear tags. I have two questions about them. First, the "button tags" seem to come off very often. I have heard that there is one that won't unless the ear is really damaged, but don't know what to ask for. Also, how do you guys decide...
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    cow with snake bite revisited

    Thanx for all the info earlier on my brangus cow. I noticed that her drainage had quit and seemed her two bites(one between eye and lower jaw and another under her neck) were larger so I corralled her and a friend tried to lance/needle her lumps to start drainage again. They had become totally...
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    cow weaning big calf

    I have one cow who seems to be weaning her calf(about 5-6 months old) herself. She leaves the calf for relatively long periods, and I find the cow in hiding from the rest of the herd in unusual places all by herself. She is a beautiful, healthy, brangus and not sick or anything. I have noticed...
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    Reluctant cows

    Anytime I drive to my holding pens all my cows come running since I generally reward them for coming with cubes or corn. Regardless as to whether I have 10 or 50 cows there are always a couple who are reluctant to come in and along with them are a few calves. The cows are the ones we...
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    Heifer Holding Pen

    I have to build a new pen for my heifers who need to be weaned. It will be on another peice of property from my regular operation which is about 3 miles away or more. I know I will need to feed, water, and keep them in a sturdy pen because they will want to find "mama" I won't ever have more...
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    Snaked bite

    I have a cow which two different experienced cow men says looks like she has been snake bit. Here could be rattler or cotton mouth. Cows drink from man made ponds and am sure there are some snakes there, even tho I try to eliminate them as well as all gators. Her face has been swollen for a...
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    Keeper heifers

    I've heard that some cull their heifers so drastically that they keep only 1-2 out of twenty. What characteristics are you looking for in a keeper heifer, other that wide rear hips and general health, size, coloring, etc, My entire herd is brangus. Do some breeds average more keepers than...
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    Found one of my brangus cows with a swollen area between her nose and eye area. In fact, it seems she may also have a little swollen area under her chin. She has had this for about two weeks, so don't think its a bite or fence problem. She is eating well and looks like all the others. She, and...
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    help with abbreviations

    W also, what is meant when you see the name Brangus and Brangus X? Also, what does BMF and BWF mean? thanx.
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    Cattle Signs

    Any one have a source for signs such as "CATTLE INSIDE", or "? I have several pastures and need signs to alert various people(tax appraiser, material suppliers, etc.) when they are, in fact, in a pasture. Preferably, signs that can fasten on the gates. thanx.
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    Cows breeding after calving

    I bought 10 bred Brangus cows a while back and they began delivering on 12/12/05 and now, as of Jan. 28, we have 8 additions. The other two will deliver soon. Put a new 18 month Registered Black Angus bull in with them December 22nd. When, approximately, should the cows begin to cycle and be...
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    Ear tags

    What is the best procedure to put ear tags on cattle? Thanx
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    ear tags

    I know it's ignorant, but how do you put the insecticide ear tags on the cows? Squeeze chute or? thanx everyone!!
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    Proper size trailer

    What size trailer, minimum, should I get to easily transfer 10 head of calves to market at a time. thanx.