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    Hay Belly in Calf - Help Please!

    We have a five month old holstein that we bottle raised. She was a sickly calf from the start and we almost lost her twice but she made it. Weaned her off her milk replacer when she was 3 months old and switched to calf starter pellet feed and hay 2x/day. We had issues with the other animals in...
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    Calf rubbing off dehorning paste. Help please!

    We just dehorned our calf using caustic paste a half hour ago. She has been rubbing the spots a lot with her back hooves and now the paste is barely on the button, but a good thin layer is still present immediately around the raised button. Should we reapply more paste to the button or is this...
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    New calf from auction - weak, diarrhea, not taking bottle

    We bought a holstein calf last night at auction on a whim. She's about a week old, maybe a little older. Umbilical cord still attached. She was ravenous last night after the auction and ride home, and suckling actively on a bottle but not getting anywhere with it (hard rubber pop on nipple). We...