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    Connealy Sandman/Sydgen Exceed

    SAF Fame. SAF Focus of ER. SAF Nuetron. SAF 598 Bando 5175. SAF Connection. On and On and on. Sydgenstrickers have had A LOT of heavily used bulls.
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    Connealy Equity

    Any of you that attend Connealy's sale happen to see Equity or his full brothers that sold this year. He's a Greeley x Confidence Plus' dam. Brings me to my next point, how have people liked their Confidence Plus and/or Greeley calves? Have a few Greeley's on the ground for the first time and...
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    Whats in the tank for this springs breeding?

    Do you have any Torque calves on the ground? If so what's your impression thus far?
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    $EN/Milk Epds

    I really don't think the milk EPD does a very good job of quantifying quality vs quantity. I try not to get too crazy in either direction but if I have faith in the udder quality and they have a good HP EPD I'm not convinced there's really a negative to a high milk EPD if they're achieving that...
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    MCR Horizon 081

    Anyone have any experience with the bull? I'd especially like to know about daughters in production.
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    Angus Assoc. Foot Scoring

    The numbers actually look semi accurate in my limited experience. A couple I'd personally rate much worse and a couple much better but overall they look closer than I anticipated.
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    Angus Assoc. Foot Scoring

    I would also love to know if you don't mind sharing the information with me.
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    Connealy Western Cut

    Western Cut offers plenty of muscle too in my opinion. Time will be tell on the daughters but I'm sure high on them at this time.
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    Connealy Western Cut

    Love him. Great style in the calves. Used a fair amount(for a small herd) and at this time nothing but rave reviews from me. Can't understand why he hasn't been promoted more. Disposition certainly isn't the best but he's more than worth it when mated correctly. Only 1 daughter in production but...
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    K C F Bennett Absolute

    I've been satisfied with Absolute. Never used a lot of him and only have 3 daughters in production but you can do a lot worse in my opinion. The calves didn't blow me away with style but they sure grew well. Fairly moderate framed. All 3 daughters have nice udders as of now(their dams have good...