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  1. J

    Cow down

    Had an older cow lay down on a slope with her feet uphill. I was out of town over the weekend so last time I saw her was late Friday. Found her today Monday morning. I got her shifted around so feet are down hill now. When I walked up on her I thought she was dead, she has tried a couple times...
  2. J


    How fast can it kick in and make a difference? I bought some breds and pairs 8 days ago. The two pairs weren't milking much at all. One has a two week old calf the other I'd guess 35-40 days old. The older calf is pot bellied and you can tell it's not had much milk. I gave the Multimin and...
  3. J


    is anyone getting decent rain right now? My pasture is starting to struggle. What was green is slowly turning brown, lol. Not the way I was wanting this summer to get going.
  4. J

    Price for pairs

    What are commercial pairs going for in your area? Black cows with average of 300lb calves on the side. Some of these cows are second calvers and some as old as 8 years old. Best guess at an average price for average quality pairs in good condition?
  5. J

    Question for the board

    I'm kicking around ways to lessen my input costs and labor hours related to my cows. I'm considering selling out this fall when my calves are ready to wean. I've got 15 cows and my bull, so sell 15 pairs and the bull. My hay expense each year is 2400 plus a lot of labor I wish I could get rid...
  6. J


    I have a cow that got poked with a temp fence post, the step in kind you get at tractoe supply. It went in her a good couple inches or more and was dangling for a minute or two then fell out. I have no clue how she managed that, stepped on the end of it and it popped up and stuck her is the best...
  7. J

    More on rotational grazing

    I've got an issue. My pond is shallow throughout and I don't have a way to keep the cows in one lot because of this. They walk the pond and get in an area I'm not ready for them to be in or they will end up where they were the previous day. How big of a deal is it if I just allow access to...
  8. J

    Need some help

    Got a 3 year old. Calved 12 days ago. Everything went fine as far as I know. Milking good and cow and calf seemed great. Today out of the blue the cow has bloody discharge, not a ton but very noticeable almost like she retained some afterbirth. She is also very lame in her right rear leg. Are...
  9. J

    Fertilizer runoff

    I fertilized (commercial) a few days ago and we got a small sprinkle the next day. Now we're pushing 2 inches and counting with more coming. Am I running a risk of a bunch of runoff with this heave a rain right after putting it out?
  10. J

    Got my soil sample back

    Anyone up for helping me interpret it? The guy at the co-op that generally helps with it is out of town this week. I've got a pic on my phone but for some reason it won't load. Anyone willing to post it for me?
  11. J


    I've pushed up all my hay feeding area, now how long should I let it sit before spreading it? I'm figuring it will take a handful of months to dry out enough to spread?
  12. J

    Scours again

    I've got two more calves with scours now. One 45 days and the other 15 days old. I don't understand what is going on here. Both of these calves got an oral vaccine within the first 4 hours of birth--equalizer I believe is what I've used this year? I can't remember the brand for sure. I saw both...
  13. J

    Too early to spray?

    I'm renting a 500 spray rig from the co-op locally. I've becer sprayed this early but with these warm temps I've got buttercups and a few other random weeds popping up pretty early here. Would I regret spraying in the next couple days? I've got some buttercups already come to bloom so I know...
  14. J

    water troughs for rotating

    How big of a tank would be recommended for using in a rotational grazing system? I have 15 cows and a bull, obviously calves as well. I want them to pretty well drink it down at the end of every day so moving the tank isint a pain--I don't want to be dumping 50 gallons of water each day before...
  15. J


    I've got a 45 day old calf with scours. It's kind of a grayish color. I just noticed this calf acting slightly off and it's back end is a mess. It's constantly looking like it's trying to defacate. . Tail stuck out, etc. I treated yesterday with some kind of oral probiotic from the vet, some...
  16. J

    Rotating on smaller averages

    For you guys that have acerages in the 20-30 acre range, is there any benefit to rotational grazing on pastures of this size? I've got 24 acres and am interested in setting up to do it but wanted to get some feedback from guys that have done it. Any input you can offer?
  17. J

    Soil sample help

    I'm about to test my soul, 24 acres. Should I collect from multiple areas of the pasture and mix them to send in as one sample? Send in multiple samples of the different areas? Thanks for any help
  18. J

    Tractor buying help

    I'm looking at a couple new holland tractors, TC 55DA (05 model) 2000 hrs with 4wd and a 5030 (98 model) 2400 hrs. I'm only using a tractor for hauling bigger round bales and bush hogging pasture. The hay I buy is heavy and my neighbors Kunitz 5100 struggles with them, it's just flat out not...
  19. J

    Long 2610

    Comes with loader, roughly 2000 hours. 2wd-- what's it worth assuming good overall condition?
  20. J

    Fastest breed back

    I just checked the cows and found a new heifer calf with 106, I notice her bagging up a little but paid it very little mind. The last two calves she has had came in November, last years was on Nov6 per my book. How in the world did it happen that quick? The calf is no premie by any means, 75...