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    Automatic Tranny flush, HD gmc 6 liter.

    Ok, So my 99 HD, 100k miles, is delaying (5-10seconds or so) shifting into overdrive on the highway and sometimes even shifting into 4th. I thought I might get a flush done and put in some synthetic tranny oil. Any of you guys had anything good come from flushing? One guy told me to just drain...
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    Cattle on land away from home, how far is too far?

    So I am thinking of putting cattle on my family's land that is right now a 45 minute drive from my house. Please post how far some of you commute to your cattle. Any comments are appreciated, thanks.
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    Cattle as a tax break. ?'s

    Just have a couple quick questions concerning taxes. I've got a little bit of land that I can run about 20 head on comfortably. My question is, if I get started this year with say 5-10 head, is it still possible to get a tax break? Is there an over under on head count that must be met before...
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    Truck payment survey

    So how much do you all devote each month to your rig? I am at 450.00
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    critters tearing up bottom of barn!!

    our tin at the bottom of the barn is being destroyed by something, cats, rabbits, skunk etc. gun out of question as i haven't caught anything in the act. what do you guys suggest to deter these. i will try anything. isnt there something that i spray around the barn that wont hurt horses but run...
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    6.0 powerstroke mpg

    just curious, but what kind of gas mileage do any of you get in your diesels. im interested in a crew 4x4 ford, so any replies on that particular truck and its perf, ride, mpg are appreciated. thanks.
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    How much do I charge to deliver hay?

    I am selling 150 small squares out of my barn this wknd and the customer wants it delivered (20mi) . I am charging 2.5 to 3 out of the barn, how much would you guys add per bale to deliver? thanks
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    Family wants to put money into my cattle. Urgent!

    I have some family that want to invest in our heard (5) by adding some of there own. How do you guys handle this situation and is it worth it? What stipulations should I follow to protect myself? I really dont have a problem with it if i am going to be the main beneficiary. Other than that i...
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    Almost ready to buy a herd.

    I have about 200 acres with which I can put some cattle on. My concern is that i do have an 8-5 job and wont always be around. I know that obviously more cattle would equal more problems, but what would you all suggest be a good number to start out with. I have some knowledge of cattle but this...
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    square bale vs round

    after picking up small squares today, i would like to know if we should have done all round. How many squares is usual per acre as opposed to 4-6 round per acre? thanks again
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    Hay loader/elevator

    Does anyone know what I am talking about here. It stands straight up and lifts small square bails about 10ft high. You attach it to the side of your trailor and it is powered by a chain attached to the axle. we had one once and really want it back now. very handy. I cant seem to find out what...
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    Old hay in barn.

    I will be filling our barn this weekend with new square bales. My question is what about the old hay that is still in there now and taking up precious space. I have been told that the cows wont eat it and i need to get rid of it somehow. I dont want to burn it either, is it bad to stack good hay...
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    how much hay in 200acres?

    can anybody give me a rough estimate of what to expect from about 200 bailing big round bales. thanks again. also, are these still selling for around 30 a piece?
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    Oklahoma Hay

    What is the average amount of hay per acre everyone is getting in the tulsa area this year. small square, also what is everyone charging and is the newspaper the best way to get it sold if I dont already have buyers lined up.
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    Fence question

    i have a lot of fence to repair and plan on using t posts. where online can i find out how to build a good corner post section. thanks again
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    Hay barn Capacity

    the size is 50ft long 14.5 wide 10 high. What is a good estimate that we could fit small square bales in this barn. thanks for any replys