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    How much does Who made Who semen go for?

    We have been breeding cattle for quite sometime and we have heard the horror stories of WMW being a so called "Train Wreck", we broke down last year and decided why not try him. We were amazed at how structurally correct our calves were. Such a great combination our daughter won Grand Champion...
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    steer finish ~ optaflex

    We have never used this before, but have heard that it turns fat into muscle and adds extra pop to the overall appearance of your calf. We were considering it to help with the extra tail head fat and to help firm the steer. But he isn't completely covered on the ribs, but will be by fair. We...
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    2009 Show Calves, take a look

    They look good, your bull is wide and thick ~ Nice.
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    steer finish ~ optaflex

    We have exactly 33 days until show day. Are we too late? Thanks for any help that you have VCC!
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    steer finish ~ optaflex

    When a steer starts to get tail head fat, some fat in the middle of back, brisket is getting full, but isn't completely covered yet on the ribs could you use optaflex without hurting anything or would you stay away from it. Using starglo right now any suggestions? Thanks for any suggestions or...
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    Clubby Bulls

    We have done really well with our Dr. Who calves and Who Made Who. They have worked very well for us in the past.