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    Is there any relatively easy treatment for acorn toxicity?

    Yeah, they’ll eat them when there’s nothing else. Friend of mine, Stephenville, couldn’t get to the leased pasture for two-three days, sudden extreme medical emergency. He found most dead, others sick, to vet, liver failure.
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    How much corn for my minis?

    First, y’all shut up, lol! I‘ve been breeding Mini Zebu for 20 years (do the math, 85# weaned heifer, grass and mama only: $1500 up, ha ha). Every dang one a pet, I have a day job. Switching to big Zebu/Mini Zebu X, very rare, way more docile, more $$$. I had a bigwig from Cargill tell me...
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    Fancy Bear

    Forgive me for the camera nerd question—surely that mama pic wasn’t from a phone camera!? Or is she your house pet, lol?
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    Spraying hay field

    There is one. It’s called a goat, lol.
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    There Back

    What part of Texas are you in? I would say they're moving around because of all the rain we've had this year--forced relocation. My "wisdom", lol, is based on three experiences. First, when I was a kid visiting cousins who lived in the Eastern Crosstimbers, we were playing in a pickup bed...
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    Dead newborn-predation? Birth defects?

    Web says lupine ingestion is days 40-70, and our bluebonnets don't sprout till around March.
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    Dead newborn-predation? Birth defects?

    I didn't know that!
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    Dead newborn-predation? Birth defects?

    I so wish I'd necropsied it as soon as I found it! I had total tunnel vision about the chewed-up nose and leg. It was only after I scrutinized the pic that i saw all the deformities.
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    Dead newborn-predation? Birth defects?

    It looks just like curly calf from web pix. No Angus influence ever. But i will still have dam and sire tested.
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    Dead newborn-predation? Birth defects?

    Hey everybody--longtime lurker here. DFW area. Yesterday I found a dead newborn Mini Zebu. It had been predated upon, but not in a usual way, also been moved around also over several hours (worker in the pasture saw it in different locations over the day). A neighbor Great Pyrenees has been...