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    Sick bottle calf

    I've been bottle feeding a group a 3 holstein bull calves for 2 weeks. After a short bout of scouring, most likely due to over feeding....Everyone was doing fine. When they were scouring, I cut back on the MR and supplemented electroytes in between feedings. No one ever looked ill - just the...
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    Another calf question

    We are looking at a 2 month hereford calf. She's on her mom, but the size of a newborn. Mom never has much milk. We ideally wanted a bottle calf (since our son will be doing this for the first time). Would you or could you bucket feed this baby milk replacer? She is really tiny, like I...
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    Quick question

    This happened 10 years ago, but bear with me & tell me what you think.... We had 2 holestein steers about 7-8 months old. Both on the same pasture, grain (16% dairy), and hay (regular grass hay). Both were cauterized when newborns with caustic paste on the horn buds. Ok, one starts walking...
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    Weaning & Aggressiveness question

    Hi this is my first post & I need some help... We were to get a 2.5 month old steer calf last night. Hereford/White park. Well, we loaded him & brought him home. Proceded to "try" to take him off the trailer (2 horse slant). He charged us every time! Now, he was just taken from his momma...