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    my working pens

    So, my new working pen has been complete for about 6months now, and though it works great, I have a hard time trying to get the cows in there. I think, partially because it is all under roof in the barn and much darker than outside. and they hesitate to go in. Currently I lure them in the 12'...
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    my newest purchase

    My most recent purchase, and first red angus. I like think she looks decent, your thoughts.
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    stockpiling forage for Winter

    With the decent rain this summer and by moving towards a 1-2 day pasture rotation, I have been blessed with lots of grass this year - much more than the cows could keep up with. As we approach fall in S. Louisiana and the pasture will begin to go dormant, I have read around mid Oct for Bahia...
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    Loading Cattle

    I am rebuilding my working pen and chute and have a few options to run by everyone. Currently, I was planning on loading into my trailer from a 10" wide alley off of my catch pen - cattle swept into this alley via gate. As I am building a new working chute, I can extend the chute length...
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    rotational grazing pics

    This is my first year doing rotational grazing exclusively, and all I can say is wow - it is amazing how much the pastures are already improving. We have been blessed with abundant rain so far, but come Aug and Sep when things start to get dry and growth slows down, I am hoping rot grazing will...
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    Skull Mount

    I asked the slaughter house to save the severed head on my recent cow so I could have a horned skull mount. Any ideas as to the best way to clean the skull and horns - I was gonna go tie it to a tree way back in the woods and let it rot for a few months. Thoughts? Thanks
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    Mineral over consumption?

    Is it possible for cows to over consume mineral? I have been feeding trace blocks and recently switched to loose mineral and they immediately began chowing down. After sometime they were still eating away so I pulled it out for fear they would eat too much and get sick - label warned about...
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    grass tetany or bloat?

    I am getting ready to let my pregnant cow (due in June) out into a 1.5 acre pasture where I have planted some winter rye grass - it is tall and green. Only about 10% section is planted, the rest is dormant winter grass just starting to turn green. Currently she is in a pen and has available at...
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    problems stretching fence

    I recently installed some 47 tall red-Brand field fencing and am having trouble getting all the wires tight - the longest pull is 200? I clamped the fence between 2 pieces of angle iron, slung a chain over the top and bottom and pulled it with a 2ton come-along attached to a tractor - I pulled...
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    Working Pen Design

    I will be running no more than 5 or 6 cattle (max due to available property size). This is what I have designed up so far. I will likely mount a head catch at the end of the chute, and the option to route the cattle back into the pen after they go through the chute. The bottom horizontal line...
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    high tensile barbwire fence?

    Guys I was at the store the other day and picking up fence supplies for an upcoming fencing project. I was about to get a few rolls of RedBrand Ruthless 12.5ga 4pt, when I noticed they also had RedBrand 15.5ga 4pt high tensile barb wire. In addition to being half the weight, it was also $20...