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    Bought Gelbvieh Bulls

    We have finally bought some Gelbvieh bulls! :banana: Lot 57 & 58 of the Judd Ranch sale March 1. Two red PB gelbviehs 5.5 and 4.7 frame. I have a picture but I don't know how to post them on here. Will continue to attempt to do so.
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    Judd Ranch Gelbvieh

    What do you think of the Judd Ranch Program? I am thinking of buying a pair of Red Gelbvieh Bulls to make replacements and a Red Angus for a heifer bull. I noticed some real high WW numbers (a lot at 750# 205 day) and that is real high when you look at the same bulls yearling frame being a 5.0...
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    Judd Ranch Fully Exposed

    Registration Number: AMGV883933 What's wrong with him(EPD WISE) ? He is not listed on their sires page with some other bulls with half his milk EPD. IDK what is good and what is bad in GV epd's so please help me. He would be crossed on mostly angus and...
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    Club Calf female sire Anybody know if this Real Deal bull could produce good club calf replacements? his full brother Whiplash is supposed to be great but I want the socks
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    Incredible Female Sale

    Did anyon else go to the incredible female sale? They had every cow there AI bred. When lot 1 sold for $36,500 I thought I had surely made a wasted trip. But I ended up buying 6 head
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    Herford X maine

    I am getting some bred maine heifers to produce show steers.what about eventually AIing to a hererord,if i have solid black maines bred to herfs i might get 1. F1 hybrid vigor on show calves 2. My preffered pattern,black with white socks and white face 3. Half british half comtinental i really...
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    maine anjou

    I am interested in buying 4 show type maine anjou bred heifers this fall to breed to my plain bulls and get show steers from these cows. does anyone know who/where i could get some heifers like this from I could drive most anywhere in missouri, iowa or illinois but not much farther than that
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    Breed. Consistency

    What would be the most consistent / consistently good breeds and most consistent animals whitsun these breeds?
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    Favorite AI sire

    whats your favorite AI sire in the following breeds: Red angus angus gelbvieh simmental and charolais
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    Best Terminal Breed

    What is the best terminal breed for you to get maximum pounds and money? For around here it would be charolais, and i see many people may answer the same way however has anyone ever used a blonde i knkow nothing about them just thouhgt it could be an option
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    Favorite Breed

    Whats your favorite breed? also whats your favorite breed compared to what is commencially viable
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    Best Angus cross

    I was wondering what the best cross on angus was to keep F1 females out of. For me it would be a gelbvie simm herf type bull. Just a post to tell your opinion
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    Gelbvieh Bulls Top 3 picks for a maternal bull, what do you think opinions good and bad wanted
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    best bull on balancers

    Once i have my F1 blancer moms what should i cross them with?
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    What do you guys think is the best cross for your mother cows? i think baldies balancers or simangus are the best, whats your opinion
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    Cost of AI

    i have no idea how and have none of the gear to AI so how much money would it take to start? how difficult is it to learn?
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    Does anyone know of any breeders around NE MO or have any pictures? I wouldnt really want a bull just a cow or 2 becase i think they are very pretty though maybe not the most effecient :bang: i justwant one any way
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    As someof you know im looking for a bull to keep heifrs out of. Any suggestions, as far as red or blackeither is ok so what bull(s) would be best on my blk and bwf
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    Tarentaise Vs Gelbvieh

    I'm wondering wether I should use GV(gelbvieh) or TT(tarentaise) as a bull to keep heifers out of. my cows ore 1000- 1250 lbs i choose these because theyre fairly efficient and moderate size. I dont want CHAROLAIS or SIMME because char to me = calving problems andd simme = ineffecient.