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    MAHINDRA 6525

    I have a Mahindra 6000 and it does everything I need it to do - move round bales, bush hog and disc the garden. I went with it over the more popular name brands, b/c it was heavier and had more lift capacity than comparable models and was cheaper. The castings are very beefy and it has plenty...
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    my working pens

    Thanks for the feedback, I am thinking about making it slightly narrower and setup another alley feeding into the working pen. Will try to post some pics, once I have made some progress
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    my working pens

    So, my new working pen has been complete for about 6months now, and though it works great, I have a hard time trying to get the cows in there. I think, partially because it is all under roof in the barn and much darker than outside. and they hesitate to go in. Currently I lure them in the 12'...
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    spreading ryegrass?

    I am getting ready to broadcast some rye grass onto a pasture I recently rotated the cows off of. Should I broadcast first, then bushhog the remaing grass (bahia) low to cover the seed, or bushhog first then spread?
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    my newest purchase

    I like her depth and length. Would like to see a flatter topline, shorter teats, hind legs may be a little too straight. She is head and shoulder above the rest of my herd!
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    my newest purchase

    My most recent purchase, and first red angus. I like think she looks decent, your thoughts.
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    fence charger

    I use a Parmak Mark 7 w/ the digital readout and it will light you up if you grab it. Make sure you put in a good ground though. I have had it get taken out by lightning last summer and it cost me $35 to fix and was out for about 2.5 weeks - FWIW
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    Place to park a 32' gooseneck close to Hammond LA

    Sorry for responding late - haven't been on the board in a few days and just saw your post. I live approx 30mi NE of Hammond in Franklinton, LA. You can leave it at my place if you need. Send me a PM if I can be of help.
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    stockpiling forage for Winter

    Thanks guys, I typically mow once a week, the paddocks I previously grazed that week. I may try the idea of letting the cows trample in some rye seed since drilling it in isn't feasible for me. I usually broadcast then bushhog real close to kinda cover it/disturb the surface a little.
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    stockpiling forage for Winter

    With the decent rain this summer and by moving towards a 1-2 day pasture rotation, I have been blessed with lots of grass this year - much more than the cows could keep up with. As we approach fall in S. Louisiana and the pasture will begin to go dormant, I have read around mid Oct for Bahia...
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    Loading Cattle

    Thanks to all for the input, I am thinking the chute option makes more sense. I will try and post a few pics when I am done building. thanks again.
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    Loading Cattle

    I am rebuilding my working pen and chute and have a few options to run by everyone. Currently, I was planning on loading into my trailer from a 10" wide alley off of my catch pen - cattle swept into this alley via gate. As I am building a new working chute, I can extend the chute length...
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    Cattle Identification

    Heifers left ear, Bulls & steers right ear. Sequential number. DOB and parent info recorded in book.
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    rotational grazing pics

    I guess what I do is more MIG than plain rot grazing - I typically move padocks every 1-2 days, I make the decision to move based on how much forage is left. This weekend I kinda redid my temp lanes a little so that the cattle will always have access to a shaded spot- the downside is this area...
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    rotational grazing pics

    This is my first year doing rotational grazing exclusively, and all I can say is wow - it is amazing how much the pastures are already improving. We have been blessed with abundant rain so far, but come Aug and Sep when things start to get dry and growth slows down, I am hoping rot grazing will...
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    Skull Mount

    Never thought bout coyotes, may try the pond thing, just need to fence the cows out of it so they don't drink that water! Thanks
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    Skull Mount

    I asked the slaughter house to save the severed head on my recent cow so I could have a horned skull mount. Any ideas as to the best way to clean the skull and horns - I was gonna go tie it to a tree way back in the woods and let it rot for a few months. Thoughts? Thanks
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    I just got 2 back from the butcher yesterday. Had grilled pork chops and smoked sausage last night and it was great. Fencing is key, I use cattle panels with 2 strands of electric wire on the inside stood off 5 " from the fence and roughly 6" and 18" off the ground - I have found this to...
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    Cross to a Dexter. You will reduce the frame size without sacrificing much if any "milkability". I run a few and they are plenty meaty, and docile to boot - just smaller in size but they fit nice in the freezer. PML
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    Mineral over consumption?

    thanks - I thought maybe the cows were like my kids with flinstone vitamins - if not watched and managed, they would eat the entire bottle in 1 sitting ! :lol2: