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    I put a lot of hay up last year. So much hay that my barns will still be pretty much full still when hay season arrives this year. I was planning on letting some lease ground go but the owner is really wanting me to cut again. I am sort of in the mindset that you can never have enough hay!! But...
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    Hay Roller bearings??

    I have a br7060 nh, bought new. 2 bearings have went out recently. They are greaseable. How much grease should I be putting to them daily?
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    Bred Cow/ Pair prices???

    What's the going price for bred cows in your area? Pair prices? Hope to do some buying this fall.
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    TIER 4 Tractors?

    I have a JD 5100E with the DPF filter, no problems yet. Good tractor! Just curious to see how others with the tier 4 stuff is doing? Gonna be buying another 100hp tractor this year and trying to decide used or new?
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    Ive found some 5-6 year old angus cows bred 7 mos for sell. How much would they be worth at present? Ive bought from the man before and they were good!
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    We are in a drought in my area, hay is on short supply. Thinking on feeding alternatives. How much grain would a lactating cow per day would a cow need?
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    Foam Filled Tires Opinions

    Was curious what everybody thought about foam filled tires on balers,rakes, tedders? How much does it normally cost to do? Is it worth it?
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    correct hay cutting height??

    Been talking to some other hay producers about how high to mow hay. Whats yalls opinion? I think about 2 inches of stubble is good.
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    Went to the cow sale Tuesday Mar 22

    Went to the cow sale in Athens Tennessee. The prices on 3n1s, Pairs and bred cows were really off!!! I have not been in a couple months and buddy was I shocked. Prices on the internet, private sales are no where close to the sale barn price. Ex: 3n1 nice black cow calf, bred back 4mos- sold...
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    Buying 24D

    Can I buy 24D in bulk online? Website?
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    What are the cost factors that should be calculated when producing hay? 1 fuel 2 fertilize 3 twine 4 hauling 5 labor 6 what else? What's some prices on these items? Just trying to see if im losing money on selling hay?
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    ? no till corn planter recommendations ?

    I am gonna try to plant a few acres of corn next year 10 acres or so. I have a JD 5100E CAB 4X4. What would yall recommend to me as a no till corn planter? I have no experience with row crops. Just wanna see if it will work in my operation.
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    Going on a trip to Oklahoma to visit some kin folks,and was wanting to check a sale out. Folks think this the closest one. Website looks good but does it have much volume? Good sale?
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    Haying rates 2015??

    Whats the going price to cut hay with disc mower, per hour hour? or per acre? Tedder? Rake? Roll 4x5s?
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    Anyone irrigate hay fields? Whats your setup (center pivot or what)?? Im thinking on a 3in portable trash pump and pulling from creek with a couple spray heads on tripod. Any advice is welcomed.
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    Toxic fescue knowledge? Non toxic fescue knowledge?

    Would like to gain some knowledge on this subject? What non toxic fescues do you recommend?
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    Trash in fuel tank?

    Ive got trash in my fuel tank, any tricks recommended? I have already got it drained. Would like to avoid pulling fuel tank off.
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    recommendations for batwing bush hog???

    I am thinking on purchasing a batwing bush hog. 15 or 20 ft model. What brand/model do yall recommend?
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    Vicon disc mower???

    Ok, I am about to purchase a new disc mower. I have been running a kuhn (like it), BUT Ive had several ppl really bragging on the Vicons!!! Opinions please?
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    Any recommendations on the new holland tractors or john deere in 100hp category? The 2 listed in the subject are what I'm considering. Got a heck of a good price on the new holland. So far JD is pricier. Any info would be greatly appreciated.