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    i agree.
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    i would be disappointed with 75-80% if i was out there checking heat 3 or more times a day. do you just AI once and then turn the bull out?
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    75-80% conception from AI is not bad.
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    Miracles still do exist!

    you got that right
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    preg check

    73% (not 75% looked at the calculator wrong)of the 11 AI'd are bred. sorry for the confusion. 2 open which the ultrasound showed smaller than normal ovaries and the bull got the the one i missed. 92% bred in the mature cows. i would have like to seen that a little higher.
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    preg check

    preg checked the herd this week. had a few more open then i would like, but everything went smooth. AI'd a few heifers and did real well, about 75%. just thought id let ya know.
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    Curley Calf Syndrome

    nice post simcross
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    MPG study

    i'll take that mileage any day :D :D
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    Feeding Pearl millet seed

    anybody have any recommendations on feeding pearl millet seed? i have found that is comparable to corn and sorghum, and high in lysine.
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    Ideas on cow accepting new calf....

    i used baby powder/talcum powder. it worked just fine. also done the dead calf coat. that one is a little messy. i put the powder on the calfs' back and then around and up the cows nose. it took some time, but she took the calf and did a great job.
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    Gates vs GM

    that was great
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    AI Question

    i agree with dun. there have been heifers i know where in heat and could not get the gun passed at all. i don't think the bull even got this one bred. it is just the way it goes.
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    Early Weaning

    156 days is the youngest of the weaned calves. some of those calves seem to be more effcient at putting weight on than some of the older ones.
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    Weaned Calves

    saw some coyotes late that afternoon....steers got spooked tore up some fence. a few foot injuries. :(
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    Weaned Calves

    always funny how during the week the calves stay in their pasture, but when the weekends get here, it is a differrent story. had some heifer calves get out...but they hopefully can't go past the secondary fences. only time will tell....sneaky beast
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    Weaned Calves

    about day 4 it gets quiet because they lose their mooers. it is a sense of accomplishment when weaning comes around.
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    Weaned Calves

    i think the cows bawled more than the calves here as well. the calves just started walking the fence lines. seem pretty quite compared to last year. the 1st calf heifers seemed to be the loudest...everything is new to them :)
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    Weaned Calves

    Weaned 188 calves the other day. sure is nice and loud here. :D :D . steers and heifers avg 50 more pounds than last years calves. having a bit more rain sure helped.
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    2008 so far::::::

    i had more bull calves earlier in the year, now they are even. weird?? one of the twins i was able to graft onto a cow that lost her calf the night before.