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    livestock water heater

    This will most likely sound incredibly stupid to some of you folks but here goes. Is there a water that does not run on electricity and will refill from a nearby water source. Obviously it needs to be heated. I have a creek that runs through the property that I can fill with water from a 27...
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    Where's the Money?

    Keep 10 pairs put em on 16acres and direct market the beef for a higher profit. Get good animals to start with. Take the remaining 4 acres and plant it in pot. I hear that stuff sells like crazy and for a good price..
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    Cast Iron Piggy Bank

    I purchased on like that from a general store in Oklahoma a few years back. It was painted though. I run across them everynow and then as they are still produced. I loved it, brought it home to my wife, and she hated it so she gave it away. I think I paid 19.00 for it.
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    Job Market

    Job market here? I have no clue.. Cost of living: Incredibly reasonable in comparison to other places I have lived: Dallas, Austin, and Cleveland.
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    Hatching duck eggs

    If it is real shallow and the place they are laying relatively small gather up some grasses and build two or three little "island" nests. They should lay on these and allow you to collect them. Dont let them sit on them though as the water level may rise and destroy em later. Or you can do...
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    I view stocks very similiar to viewing any sporting team. Buy when the stocks are doing well. i.e. A team that is on a roll is more likely to continue doing well. A team that has all the right parts but for some reason isnt doing well will most likely miss the playoffs that year. (so to speak).
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    big cats in Missouri

    Mountain Lion and Cougars are the same animal with different names. Jaguar is more or less the same animal as your leopard. I believe the jaguar is as a rule a little larger than your leopard and found in the Americas...
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    Regional or Universal Quotables

    Do I really know what it means... Yeah I got a pretty good idea... "Worthless as tits on a boar hog" is one I used alot when I lived in Texas.
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    Regional or Universal Quotables

    I travel alot for work and it seems that wherever I go the local folks have specific sayings that are used in their region. I always find great humor in these, and was wondering if some of you folks would be willing to share some of yours. This is a saying my grandfather used to say. "I am...
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    Become a doctor instead of a vet. Same amount of school, comparative difficulty, comparative costs, alot more money. My oldest brother is a doctor and my sisters husband is a doctor, both are doing more than ok. My wifes sister and her husband are vets. Run the largest clinic within 30 miles...
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    your job

    I run a construction company installing artificial turf football/soccer/fieldhockey/lacross fields all over the country.
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    Marine Duty this week... Tax dollars

    He did not tell me the reason why. Just called me up.. had me guess what he was doing, and when i couldnt come up with it he told me the Dem's were having him and other marines move their luggage from Capitol Hill.
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    Marine Duty this week... Tax dollars

    If you dont believe me... Send me a PM and I will give you his cell phone number. You can call him directly..
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    Making hamburger better

    Better as in flavor only? Do you still have to retain the lean quality? -Add a bit off ground pork or pork sausage if you are not worried about the "lean factor".
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    Marine Duty this week... Tax dollars

    Thought some of you would find this interesting. Just got off the phone with my brother (Note: up for major this year). Well being in the marines they have a special assignment this week. He works in the Pentagon, but this week the Democrats have asked the marines to transport their luggage...
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    I know it is a bit off the subject, but could somebody go through the economics of the direct sales market? i.e. from calf to butcher to consumer. Just curious how the numbers look. Thanks in advance.
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    I know it is a bit off the subject, but could somebody go through the economics of the direct sales market? i.e. from calf to butcher to consumer. Just curious how the numbers look. Thanks in advance.
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    Correct me if I am wrong. The tenderloin is on the inside of the deer reb cage along the spine whereas the back strap is just opposite running the length of the spine on top. Tenderloins on deer are tiny.. Was always curious about that myself though. We we purchase a tenderloin from a...
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    I am gonna do it..... to heck with it... Like said before I can always turn it into hamburger...
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    Andybob, Any suggested reading? Do you dry hang it? If so for how long? Any other suggestions?