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  1. samm

    FAIR price for hay for Texas and Okla

    some of the hay "gougers" act like the oil/gas "gougers".....what do they call and demand......they may be walking in tall cotton right now, but when the drought is over, and things get back to semi normal, i tend to remember who gouged me and i have a long memory, as im sure most of...
  2. samm

    Different Cake Recipe

    one yellow cake mix, mix like the box says one can pecan coconut frosting (german choc.cake frosting ) after the cake is mixed like on the box, mix in the container of frosting into the cake bake in a bundt pan.....very good and very kids eat it up samm
  3. samm

    sweet Tea Recipe

    put water into old coffee pot, half full or so,...put on stove, heat up when hot add 4 bags of tea, turn off heat, put lid on pot, let set for awhile put 1 cup sugar in tea picture, add tea from the pot, add enough water to make it a gallon.....put ice in old pickle or jelly jar....pour tea..and...
  4. samm

    Is this you Dun?????????

    lammie...what in the world did ya'll do in bokchito oklahoma ??
  5. samm

    bad wound

    just an update on the calf, she has healed up at both places. it is amazing that a hole that large and that empty inside can turn back to pink healthy tissue and grow back together and heal up. thanks for everybodys input. :D samm
  6. samm

    bad wound

    today the vet cut a drain opening for it to drain down, but he said to do what i had been doing, except lower the penn to 3ml, and stop the peroxide, its not as nearly bad smelling as before.....or maybe i have gotten used to the smell... :shock: appreciate all the suggestions :D thanks
  7. samm

    bad wound

    yes dun maggots are pretty nasty, especially when theres a big wiggleing mass of em... i am using the peroxide and iodine and water mixture and flushing out twice daily, at both feedings, poor little thing ran from us this morning, after she got worked over so much yesterday, she didnt want no...
  8. samm

    bad wound

    ive seen maggots on a ear cut before, the ear was full of em, but i havent seen any maggot's on her yet, after we doctor her i spray some pyramethrium around her back end, not into the sore though, so it keeps the flyes down to might near nothing. when im squirting the solution in the hole, you...
  9. samm

    bad wound

    good picture and good diagram too..very impressed by it. :) its about the middle between the tip of # 1 arrow and her hind end, she does give to it some especially right after we clean it out, i know it has to hurt, but she is eating, and i did hit her with the 5 ml penn today, and squirted...
  10. samm

    bad wound

    shes about a week old shes not lame, after she ate awhile ago, she run and bucked around, i was very surprised, when i went down to feed her, she was laying on that side, and it had drained out some on the grass, and it still smelled bad, but she feels better right now, sorry i dont have a...
  11. samm

    bad wound

    gave her 2 ml of penn pro one, i usually give 1 ml per 100lb, and 1 ml of flunixon she will weigh less than 100lbs she is alert, and eats good so far, but i know when i squeezed the solution back out, it hurt her, yes, the wound goes down and back into the muscle, so no it wont drain on its...
  12. samm

    bad wound

    bought a little heifer calf the other day, noticed her back end looked odd, i thought she might have got roughed up alittle when she was tubed...anyhow yesterday i went out to feed, and she smelled rotton, like something we went over her real close and found a hole the size of my...
  13. samm

    Advice to get a calf to take bottle...

    for the babies that just dont quite get it for the first couple of times,i set on a dirtbike stand that my son made, or a 5 gallon bucket, i put the calf in a kinda head lock with my left arm on my left side and poke my fingers of my left hand inbetween his jaws to open em up, and give the...
  14. samm

    Valentines Day? Poll

    well we have a very romantic day planned........were going over to the sale barn in sulpher springs. which is really fun to me, id rather do something like that than go and waste 50 bucks on supper somewhere where i dont feel comfortable in my jeans and cow poo boots. or spend as much for...
  15. samm

    Cleaning barn

    im wondering if ya might sprinkle chlorine, like pool shock for your swimming pool, around the floor and even on the walls, and sprinkle it with water, seems like it would sanitize rather well ?? would need to aired out well, id think...just an idea.........of course this would be done after...
  16. samm

    You Might Be a Farmer If...

    im a pregnant cow backside watcher, and a calf manure watcher, our kids laugh, the closer it gets calving time, i watch the cows po po's more often, and of course comment on them. i have also been known to say about our baby calves,,, look at that doo doo, thats some good doo doo. thay say...
  17. samm

    Thieves Stuff Cow Into Back Seat of Car, Crash It

    they must be some bad hombres to shove a cow into a car, i cant think of a single one of my cows that i would even attempt to try and shove into a backseat,, it had to be a midget cow, cuz most of the cars ive seen from them little foriegn countries are kinda small....i dont think any of my cows...
  18. samm

    Update on my Dad

    glad to hear he ok, ya'll just hang in there with him, and yes.. prayer is a most powerful thing. samm
  19. samm

    I-69 Trans Texas Corridor

    lammie i went to one of the public meetings, it just made me madder, they have maps, and all these boards set up and people there to talk, they really dont tell ya much, just mumbo jumbo, i did ask one of the men there about hiring a company out of spain, that if they insisted on doing this to...
  20. samm

    How do Ya'll do it

    i am not a cold climate lover either, ya'll folks that have your house and barn all snowed over untill spring, and still function,... well ya'll are just tough give me summer any day, id rather work in the heat than the cold. my daughter went to college with a boy from north dakota, and he...