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  1. J

    rate to lease hay meadow

    I am out of the hay business and would like to lease out one of my fields. It's 18A of coastal bermuda grass. I would like some kind of agreement where the lessee pays for the herbicide, fertilizer and lime. All that I will be responsible for is maintaining the fence around it. Around here...
  2. J

    Out of the haymaking business

    Been doing it for the last 25 years. Since dad passed away two years ago it's no longer fun and lot's more work without him. I am getting rid of all of the hay equipment and will have one meadow custom baled and go buy the rest. I just ordered a Deere 5085M with front end loader. I also bought a...
  3. J

    Ready to expand

    Well after three years of drought I am down to less than half my normal carrying capacity and need to expand. In the past I have always kept my heifer calves back and used them for replacements. This new Angus bull however for the last two years has given me about 85% bulls- I can't complain...
  4. J

    hay unroller vs modified cone feeder

    I currently use a hay unroller to feed my hay. I unroll a few feet, pick up the roll, move 10' and unroll some more thus spreading the bale out. My old method was to unroll it all in one long continuous row as I didn't have a 3 point hay unroller at the time. The new method is a lot better but...
  5. J

    Deere 5085M or 5100m questions

    anybody here running either of these? What do you like or dislike? How quiet is the cab compared to other tractors that you own or have owned. Especially looking for comparisons on sound level compared to the 6020 or 6030 series. thanks
  6. J

    Android App for Cattle Inventory

    Anybody know of a good app for keeping track of your cow/calf inventory? The American Angus Association has one but you have to join the association to use it. I have been using registered Angus bulls since '87 but am not a member of the association (as I don't sell registered stock) and don't...
  7. J

    weight of 14' stock trailer

    Anybody got any idea on the weight of a 14' Hale stock trailer with metal front and top? It is 5' wide and 6' tall with dual axles and wood floor Thanks
  8. J

    2 new calves today

    A couple of my moma cow's calved today. It always amazes me, how the changing weather conditions (cold fronts, changes in barometric pressure, etc) cause the cows to calve. I don't know the science behind it, but it's always been that way. Now if my heifers will hold off calving until next...
  9. J

    Subscribing to a topic

    I must be getting stupid in my old age. I have forgotten how to subscribe to a topic so that I get automatic replies. I don't see a box to check or a button to press. At the very bottom of the page I see bookmark this, but not a subscribe icon. I thought that it used to be at the top of every...
  10. J

    Ideas for calving facility

    I have spent the summer building a new corral, holding pens, tub, etc out of pipe and sucker rod. I have a branch off of the main chute with my Powder River squeeze chute which I will use for ear tagging, shots, etc. This is a manual chute, no hydraulics. My question pertains to how do you...
  11. J

    injectiong oxytet into stomach

    Anyone ever heard of injecting LA-200 or other antibiotics directly into the stomach of a cow? (in to the triangular spot where you puncture them for bloat). I was told that two vets in my area do it that way.
  12. J

    Hay unroller

    Anyone here using one of those 3 point hay unrollers? We have been unrolling ours with two wheels mounted on the front bumper but since it lays out a continous row, the cows of course lay on it and mess on it. With the three point unrollers can you unroll a few feet, then move 10' and unroll...
  13. J

    Haybob tedder/rake

    Anyone here running a Kuhn or Vicon Haybob? I understand Kuhn bought it out and it's Vicon's last year to sell it. I currently have a JD side delivery rake and could use a tedder. I could buy this and be about 3' wider with my raking and also have a 9'10" tedder. How do these rakes work...
  14. J

    cattle rubs

    Any tips on getting my cattle to use a cattle rub? I built a combination cattle rub and mineral feeder that I can drag from pasture to pasture. I just gotta figure out how to make them rub on the rub. My best idea is to put the rub across a gate opening and make them walk under it a few times.
  15. J

    First cutting is done

    My first cutting is done. Wild oats, ryegrass. Made 60 bales (4x5) from 17.5 acres. Sure was hard to get dry. I had to get it off so the coastal could start growing. I was going to use Roundup and kill off the winter grass but decided to fertilize and bale it since I am only down to 17 bales...
  16. J


    Has anyone here planted any Dallisgrass? If so, did you have good luck getting it established? How many lbs of seed did you plant? How much does seed cost per lb? I am interested in it because in my black gumbo type soils the Dallisgrass does better than my coastal. It comes out earlier in...
  17. J

    Any one using Angus Source program for their calves?

    If so are they worth more at the sale barn?
  18. J

    Certified Texas Beef Quality Producer

    Are any of you certified Texas Beef Quality Producers? If so, what are the benefits?
  19. J

    think you can make a living as a cow-calf man - think again!

    This months Farm Journal has a chart showing dollars per cow profit for a Kansas cow-calf herd. In 2004, profit was $150 per calf. For 2006 and 2007 expect less than $50 per head profit. The point is, for all of the beginners you cannot expect to make a living from your small herd. Don't even...
  20. J

    My wheat is already up

    I planted 10 acres of wheat two weeks ago (Ranger Wheat from Arkansas). I lightly disked the ground and broadcast about 80 lb/Acre then drug a railroad track over it to smooth it. Got a 1" rain the next day. Last night got a 1/2. Today the wheat is 1 1/2" tall.......... Things are looking...