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    Nitrogen % in Hay

    At what nitrogen % does hay cause nitrate poisoning?
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    wheat hay

    It is hay, almost 100% leaf, I have fed out 6 bales (3x3x8) and have only found a dozen or so grain heads. I am flaking it out about 1/3 of a bale at a time.
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    wheat hay

    Yes, the bales are warm, how does this affect quality?
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    wheat hay

    wheat hay has turned brown with a slight vinegar smell to it. What has caused this
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    Ignition Problem

    Same issue with the new and the old switch.
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    Ignition Problem

    I have an 89 Ford F150, went out this morning to leave. Turned switch to on position and had no dash instrument lights, continued to turn to the start position, engine turned over and started, released switch to on position and engine died. Replaced with new switch still has the same problem...
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    There are breeders in Murfreesboro, Woodbury, Charleston, Baxter, a couple close to Fayetteville, and several I don't know about
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    Royal B Sale

    Did Brightwell have a sale today?
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    what would u cross an angus with?

    Complete the statement. "Brahman works extremely well in the deep south" emily_22 is in Australia, Deep South there would have the greatest temp changes, I would think a 3/16 Brahman should give enough ear for performance in emily's "Deep South"
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    what would u cross an angus with?

    Brahman works extremely well
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    Road conditions

    I'm going to south central Louisiana from TN and was wondering about road conditions on I20 thru MS and LA. I was also thinking about going I40 and then turning south somewhere. Looking for input on any fuel shortages or road closures.
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    Brahman bull

    could you post a pic of this bull,
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    Looking for a fitter

    Is Pinky still staying in his tent at the shows, I haven't seen him since Houston in March
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    Sample Greenwillow Bull

    A nice 17 month old bull, what would you say his frame score and weight would be?
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    Horn Irons

    I'm talking about basically a branding iron but made just for dehorning calves. I rancher from Australia that i have spoken with uses them on his calves and is impressed with the results. The vet charges 80.00 per head, local custom fitter (if 140 miles is local) charges mileage and around...
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    Horn Irons

    Has anyone had any experience with dehorning with a horn iron? I've been told if done before 2 months the head will almost appear polled.
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    Herford X Black Angus

    I wanted at least a 5.5-6 with mature weight around 2000, This bull would not have come close to that, At 18 months he was 1386 lbs, 4.3 frame, hung a carcass that was 873 lbs, ribeye was a little small, meat has excellent flavor, and he was a bull when we sent him to slaughter
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    National Show for Brahman

    You are correct, I am interested in the open show, thanks for your help
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    National Show for Brahman

    When and where will the ABBA's National show be held?
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    black baldys

    we put a good grey Brahman over a nice group of baldie cows, calves are better than average but their color was not uniform, I believe we had around 20 calves, most all had blaze face,