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    Shooting Cow....

    To give a little background to the situation, I have a cow that is nuts. Not long ago I was running cows through the alley and in the process of all that she completely destroyed a gate and got out. She was the only one that didn’t get bred this time and the other day she decided to ram the...
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    Food plots

    Anyone do food plots for deer? Mine isn’t doing bad this year. I let the grass get about a foot or so high, sprayed it at the beginning of August, waited a couple weeks and broadcasted the seed into the dead stand and mowed it. We have got a good bit of rain since so that helps! I did...
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    What to do with grass?

    I’ve ran this thought back and forth through my mind for probably over a year now as to what is the better option. I know the answer is “it depends” and there are variables. But here’s the situation: I have 50 acres now in pasture and 30 that gets cut for hay on 50/50. I pay 100% of fertilizer...
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    Udder size after calving?

    One of my cows just calved yesterday and I am wondering about her udder and/or milk production I guess. This is the first calf that she has had for me and I don’t know a lot about her background. Was told she was a heifer then was told she had a calf at one point in another conversation, so who...
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    Orchard grass and Endophyte ?

    I always hear about endophyte and fescue but can orchard grass get it? I found a seed head today that has the exact mouse poop stuff that our fescue has.
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    I am planning on fencing my hayfield and turning it into pasture. I will be rotating through it fairly quickly (no longer than a day on each paddock). About half of the paddocks will have sufficient shade but there will be some that won’t. What are your thoughts? They will be fine? Buy one of...
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    Small herd cross breeding system

    I was reading an article on this topic and it got me thinking about what I am currently doing and whether I should change course a little. I know that (at least for me) Heterosis can be a little difficult to quantify, but for the sake of discussion let’s assume everything is of equal genetic...
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    Bull Advice

    I was hoping to get some direction in making a decision in regards to my bull situation. Currently, I have a bull in full time with my cows. I got him late last summer, early fall. My original plan was to cull cows that don’t breed back within 90 days. I only have 14 cows right now, going to get...
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    Butyrac 200?

    Anyone use this and how are the results? I have a good amount of clover in the pastures I’d like to keep if possible.
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    Hay Unrolling Question

    I am thinking I’m about to start unrolling hay and just thought of something. They way I usually do it in the winter is I feed hay in rings in a sacrifice paddock. The cattle usually can roam around the pastures connecting to it during the winter but towards the end of winter and beginning...
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    Herd Integration

    I don’t have a lot of experience so I wanted to get some thoughts. Last Friday I took 4 cows out of the group of 13 to the sale. Saturday I bought a group of 6 from my Father-in-laws neighbor to add. I figured, two small groups of cows they would be like “hey let’s link up! More power in...