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    Advice on Ford 6700 upkeep

    I hope this link works. Looks like you can get a pdf of the operators manual for under $30.
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    John Blue Pump Help

    I have a LM4-955 that looks very similar if not the same as your picture. On mine three of the four pump chambers have part numbers visible that are stamped into the metal. These numbers match the numbers in the manual you posted. I also have a single piston John Blue which has part numbers...
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    EPD questions

    You need to realize the breed averages are not zero. The hereford average yearling weight EPD for 2018 born calves is 83 lbs so the bullwith an EPD of 80 is actually 3 lbs below average not 80 lbs over.
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    Heated water hoses ???

    I bought a 50 foot long 5/8 inch diameter Allied one last year on November 17. It was connected to a sump pump and was plugged in from when it was bought until April and worked without any problems. Just plugged it back in this week and today decided that it does not appear to be heating at...
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    Baler pick up teeth

    I have a 2002 model 567 Megawide it originally came with all the standard teeth in the center being round. For a number of years the replacement teeth I bought from Deere were also round but a few years ago they switched them to square and said they were stronger and the round ones were no...
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    Massey Ferguson 290

    You can get a multiplier valve that will plug into an existing set of remotes and convert it into two or three sets by using electric solenoids where you either flip a switch or hold a button to select a different circuit. I am including a link that I hope works or it is also called a Fasse...
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    Traditional Simmentals

    Cowgirl8 three of the bulls you have listed were major AI bulls in the mid nineties. These are MV Red Light 406 owned by Gateway Simmental in Montana, NLC 64Y Tomcat owned by Nelsons in Montana and Boz Redcoat. I very highly doubt you ever owned any part of any of these bulls though you may...
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    Baler Broke Down

    If you have a mega wide pickup the first thing I would check is that you do not have a small rock wedged under the auger at the top of the pickup. That is what my problem is 95 percent of the time when the pickup slip clutch slips. This happened to me on the first or second bale I ever made...
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    930 case

    Changing the filter could definitely make a difference. I have a 932 which is a square fender eight speed 930 Comfort King and is labelled as a 930. On it the hydraulic pump is located on the back between the pto and fuel tank it is a simple matter of removing a few bolts and the hose fittings...
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    New Money Pit-MF TO 35

    I might be wrong about this but if I am remembering correctly the pto has to be turned on for the three point hitch to lift up and when the pto shuts off the three point hitch will go down and with the weight of a mower it goes down quickly. When you step on the clutch the pto stops turning and...
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    Ford 6610 cold start

    My old Ford 8000 has what the book calls an excess fuel button to aid in cold weather starting. This button is actually located right on the injector pump and the instructions say to open the throttle wide open then push the button in and then pull the throttle half way back before attempting...