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    Getting out

    It's been a rough year with losses, have sold all my cows to a broker. Tomorrow the truck comes. It will be a nice winter! Rob Johnson Foley, MN.
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    New Study, 30 precent more likely to die early

    Saw this report on CNN this morning and looked it up at work.
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    Where You At!!

    I found this intresting site while surfing the web last month, kind of neat. Show us your Farm or Ranch! If you search Johnson Farm and click Foreston, thats my place. The photo is out dated, as it doesn't show my new barn, shop or corn field, but it's fun to play with.
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    Uterine Prolapse

    Having only been raising Beef Cattle for about five years, I just had my first experance with a Uterine Prolapse. The Prolapse was discovered after the Uterus was out of her body about 8 hours. The Vet tried to replace the uterus but was unable to get it into place. She then wanted to try to...
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    How active should a new born calf be?

    Had a calf born yesterday (sat.18th) about 4:00 pm. I have seen her nursing and she has been up walking around, but, she spends most of the time laying around. What activity level should I expect from a new born?? Thanks, Rob Johnson Foley, Mn.
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    How large a shelter?

    Hi, Having moved from the city in California to a farm in Minnesota, I'am really new at this. I just bought three heifers and three calves and I'm in the planning stages of building a winter shelter for them. My question is, how large a shelter will it take to house these cattle? I plan on a...