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    We may all be missing the boat, by not raising Corrientes!

    I just got my Kris Black "Cream of the Crop" sale catalog and was surprised to see that all the bred heifers in the sale were bred to Corriente Bulls. Might start catching on.
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    Breeding heifers

    I did purchase some heifers at a sale barn when I couldn't get together with the owner on a price at the ranch. When I left his place I called the local sale barn and told them to call me if this guy sells some heifers. 30 days later they called and I bought them for a little over steer price...
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    Breeding heifers

    Don't purchase any replacement females at a sale barn. Unless it is a special bred heifer sale and even then you are taking a chance on what they are bred to. Find a local breeder or production sale to purchase your replacements. They will come with a reasonable fertility guarantee. Same thing...
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    When we buy cattle direct from the backgrounder they are weighed at the ranch before going on the truck. We deduct a 2% shrink from the weight and pay on that number. I would say they are coming out ahead from weighing them off the truck at the feed yard.
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    Winning-est beef animal in the state

    Doug Parke will have fun selling those genetics. Good Luck.
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    Renown vs net worth

    Check out Sire Buyer. They are a broker of semen and embryos. You might find some in your neighborhood you could go pick up.
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    Open a gun shop

    "The only ship that won't sail is a partnership" -Dave Ramsey
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    stock trailers

    Travalong (Landoll) in Marysville, KS makes a really good steel trailer. They would not be far from you in NW Missouri.
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    Blocking for dehorning

    We always use a block when we cosmetic dehorn the show calves. Dr. Bloomberg knows all about making their heads pretty.
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    Cordless Power Tool purchase question.

    Watch "Project Farm" on Youtube. He does some great testing of cordless tools.
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    Best Bull to Improve Future Cows

    This says it all. Keep your cows moderate frame and then mix in some terminal sire lines. Weaning a calf that is more than 50% of the cows body weight is a huge win. Stick with Coleman, Ohlde, Duff and even Griswold for bulls that produce keeper females.
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    I don't know where you are located. But Premier 1 Supplies in IA has about everything and will plan a fence for you if you want. They ship also. When I was traveling and fitting all the time I bought my clippers and blades from them.
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    Things are getting WAY out of hand

    The market is set by what a buyer will pay and a seller will accept. That is becoming more evident every day.
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    Lick tub shelf life

    Call the rep for the Lick Tub company and ask them about it. They will be able to explain every thing that might be going on and how to handle it. Invite him to your place if you do some volume. They are always looking for clients to go direct. Also, ask him for any coupons on future tubs.
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    Spraying hay field

    Keep it mowed this summer and then Fall spray your weeds. Fertilize in the Spring and spot spray any weeds. Ag Phd has a great program for pasture spraying if this is a grass hayfield. Also a good article from Hay & Forage Grower...
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    Processing a Bull

    Chem-cast would be the least invasive for your timeline.
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    Breeding to create calm cows

    I the only one I know NOT to use is N Bar Emulation EXT. Unfortunately, he is in a lot of pedigrees.
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    Waygu on Angus

    Just remembered this article I read about Japanese beef production and Japanese Black Cattle.
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    Waygu on Angus

    You will go broke if you feed Wagyu like they do in Japan. Those cattle are a minimum 3 years old at slaughter. That is how they get that marbling. If you feed a pen of commercial angus for 3 years you will get all Prime.
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    Lump/abscess after vaccinations

    Don't give any antibiotics. It will kill the modified live vaccine and you will eliminate the protection. This is part of how MLV work. They replicate at the injection site and create an immune response at the injection site that can create swelling. Most will be reabsorbed but some can create...