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    I've been bucked off, thrown off, and jumped off of horses but this last time really hurt! I have a pair of horses I'm training and the half Arab was being frisky the other night. I caught him, groomed him, saddled him, and got on. The first time he threw me I landed like I was sliding into...
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    Thin Gelding

    I have a 4 y/o paint gelding that I just can't seem to put weight on. He's super thin, his hips and withers are prominent, and he just looks like crap. He's fed 3 lbs. of horse feed and a bale of brohm a day. The vet's been out and put him on an aggressive worming schedule and we are only...
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    Modern Conveniences

    What's one modern convenience you couldn't live without? If you only had one to keep and all others would disappear which one would you want? I'd keep indoor plumbing. I could live as a hunter/gatherer eating berries and bark as long as my cave had a toilet and shower.
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    New Project

    I bought a new project yesterday, pending a vet check. He's a 2 year old QH gelding cattle bred. I spent a lot of time looking him over yesterday and the current owner was more than accomodating, which I greatly appreciated. I'm excited to get him home and get some time with him, when the 60...
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    Help settle an arguement

    At dinner time today my family and I were watching "Terminator 2" when a debate came up. I say that if the Terminator hadn't gone back to the past in the first movie, they wouldn't have had the pieces in the second movie, and thus they wouldn't have had the technology to make the terminators in...
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    Modern Conveniences

    If you only had to choose one modern convenience to have, what would it be? For me, I'd couldn't live without indoor plumbing.
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    Random Thought

    I was driving home from work today and was going past some grain bins when I had a random thought: It's well known that you're not supposed to go into a grain bin when grain is flowing because it acts just like quicksand and will suck you down. I wonder if anyone has ever tried to wear...
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    Spring Riding

    Spring has finally sprung in my neck of the woods! It's 50 or so here today and I can't wait to get back in the saddle after the winter lay over.
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    We are in a blizzard right now, literally. When I got up this morning it was snowing to beat the band and the wind was about 25 mph which wasn't bad, only slight drifting across the road. Had to go to work this morning to get a barn ready for pigs, but got home before noon. Now it's really...
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    Dodge Ram Manual Tranny Question

    Before I take the ranch truck to the garage I'd like to get some insite into what may be the problem. It's a '97 Dodge Ram 1500 5 speed and I took a load of busted up concrete to the recyclers a couple of weeks ago and on the way there all was well. Leaving the yard though I heard a small...
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    Horse or 4-wheeler

    Which one do y'all use for the majority of your farm or ranch chores? We use horses for everything and won't even consider getting a 4-wheeler.
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    Baling Oats?

    Does anyone bale oats, head and all? When I first met my wife her bro-in-law and his dad would cut oats and small sqaure them head and all. I don't see any problems with it, just not something I've heard or seen anyone else do.
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    Horse Connection

    I have a two year old gelding that I am starting this fall, I've been on his back and ridden him around the barnyard twice, and I just haven't "connected" with him, ya know. When I broke my mare, well, she's my sweetie pie! It was exciting to teach her new things and she accomplished so much...
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    Duck Hearing

    A few seasons ago my sister-in-law and I were sitting in some willow thickets around one of my smaller ponds duck hunting. A group of four were coming in and as they came over the tree tops and fixed their wings for their glide down, I slide my shotgun's safety off and the ensuing click was...
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    My two year old son and I went down to the locker on Saturday and picked up 500 lbs. of a heifer we took in ten days previous. There's no better sight than a freezer brim full of homegrown grass fed beef. I grilled some T-bones Saturday and rib-eyes on Sunday and they were buttery tender and...
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    Hunting Loads

    What does everyone use for hunting loads? I use a 12 gauge with modified choke all of the time and I also keep my plug in my shotgun so I don't loose it between seasons and if I can't hit a bird in three shots I'm not going to hit it with five. When hunting pheasants in open grass shots 1-3...
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    Getting Ready for Winter

    Here around the Arrow H we have the last of the hay stacked up in the loft and are going into winter with the least amount of livestock to feed ever. We have sold off all of the cattle due to $5 corn and our time demanding jobs and two year old son. It was sad to see the last two heifers...
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    Spring Work

    Finally the snow is gone and riding isn't such a chore! I got my four year old Paint mare out a couple of weekends ago and pulled branches and blowdowns up to the burn pile with her. She had a little winter rust on her, but the big thing was to get her to realize that being away from the herd...
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    Fall Hay Planting

    Is it effective to plant grass hay in the fall or better to plant it in the spring?
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    Seed vs. Fertilizer

    We are doubling our hay ground this year by taking some of the pasture because we sold all of the cows. What would be better to seed it all or fertilize it all? We fertilized the hay field last year, but didn't do either to the pasture. Two years ago we cut the pasture once before turning...