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    Linear Measurement

    Has anyone tried the system the Gerald Fry, Jan Bosma and a few others have used over the years called linear measurement? If so I am curious as to whether the traits that they measure pass on from one generation to the next. I have read a few of the books written on the subject and really like...
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    Ham curing question

    How do you guys that cure your own hams handle them after you take them out of salt? I pulled a couple this evening. Planning on rubbing them down with Borax and Black Pepper in the morning and hanging them up in the morning. Any suggestions or words of wisdom are appreciated.
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    beef jerky recipe ?

    Would anyone be willing to share their beef jerky recipe ?
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    which gps for dogs ?

    Monday morning my 13 year old son's border collie was stolen. After 8 hours of searching and thousands of facebook posts and shares they dropped him back off by the highway in front of our house . I know that the odds of this happening again are slim to none but I want to be able to locate him...