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  1. ClintM

    Black vultures are eating cows alive

    They got one of mine in March.
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  3. ClintM

    Wagu Calf Purchase

    We have two Waygu/Angus steers that are about 15 months old. They are easy keeps and laid back disposition. They are slow growers. I have 8-9 month old Brangus calves that are about to catch them. Definitely still another 10-12 months from them being ready to go to processor. Very curious to...
  4. ClintM

    Buying a calf on craigs

    I prefer private sales or CL over a sale barn simply because I can slow down, really watch the cow/heifer/bull to evaluate how it moves and health, and not be in a rush to bid/buy in split second. But have been burned by a couple very slick used car/cow salesmen.😁🐄
  5. ClintM

    Army worms again

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  7. ClintM

    Army worms again

    Is prevlathon controlled or able buy at any farm store? If not sprayed will they destroy field permanently or just stunt it for the remainder of the season? (so dam frustrating back that quick 🤦🏽‍♂️)
  8. ClintM

    Army worms again

    We are now on our second round of Army worms in 6 weeks. Had hoped spraying the first time would have helped longer than a month. Is the only option to spray every time? I can’t afford a 3rd or 4th invasion.
  9. ClintM

    What's this....

  10. ClintM

    August 2021 Photo Contest

    “Hay makes my allergies flare up”
  11. ClintM

    New Here! Hows he look!??

    He will continue to change. Picked up my current bull as virgin 20 month old. He looks like a cow compared to his 3yr and 4yr pics. (Attached)
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  15. ClintM


    It came back last year.
  16. ClintM


    We are in Coke. Where y’all
  17. ClintM


    Used Grazonext last year with decent results, Goatweed/croton came back pretty strong. About to spray Grazon once more, if results on goatweed aren’t any better will be giving Duracor a try next.
  18. ClintM


    I think it’s just individual dependent. My bull is Red Brangus, weighs probably 2,200lbs. Thinks he’s a chocolate lab and follows you around wanting to be scratched on. Have a Red Angus heifer that thinks she’s a Mexican fighting bull. Any high headed dont last long, we cull them, because...
  19. ClintM


    Followed and read along on this forum for a bit. Thanks for letting me sit at yalls fire and listen. We have a family farm in NE Texas that we are slowly expanding, Red Brangus & Red Angus mostly.
  20. ClintM

    Custom processor appointment

    We are in same situation. Have steers ready to go soon, and next processor appointment available we may have a different President by then. Pretty frustrating.