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  1. GRTiger85


    Anybody ever found a calf with its tongue bitten off? Had a heifer that calved early this morning probably just before daylight. When I found it heifer was standing over calf and it just looked like it had been stillborn, she had cleaned it off. But went to move it and noticed it had a bite...
  2. GRTiger85

    What would you do?

    I sold a bull to a guy in mid April. Bull was 16 months old at the time and passed fertility test with flying colors. They bought him to turn out with 15 cows that did not calve until May&June. Guy called monday to tell me that all cows came back open after they palpated them. Kicker is that...
  3. GRTiger85

    Select Synch Question

    I have a group of 5 cows set up. They got their gnrh shot last friday 4/ 28 and will get their PG shot tomorrow night. My question is I had one in standing heat yesterday (weds). I went ahead and Ai'd her, does she still get her PG shot with all the others? been so long since i took my ai school...
  4. GRTiger85

    A Few of this Years Bulls

    Few of the registered angus bulls I have this year, all these guys are 12-14 months old. other than some being pointed the wrong way for pics, how do they look? Duff New Edition sons #160 #158 #154 #163 #162
  5. GRTiger85

    Up After Nine Days

    Just thought I would share my recent experience for those unlucky few who find themselves in the same situation in the future(Hopefully Never Again!). Found a heifer in the morning that had been having a calf that night and it got hip locked on her. Thought she was dead driving up (looks like it...
  6. GRTiger85

    A Few Young Bulls

    Couple of bulls that I raised, would like to get some opinions on them, The pictures stink but I didn't have time to wait around for the perfect pose. These Guys are 15 months..Reg Angus
  7. GRTiger85

    B Dahl Advice

    Have a field that I tried sprigging several years ago that didn't work out, put the sprigs in and then didn't get the rains and only a few spots came up. I would like to try ww b dahl instead this time after reading everything about it. Just wondering from those who have put it in what the best...
  8. GRTiger85

    Angus Bulls

    Just wanted to get some feedback on some yearling angus bulls I'm selling this spring. These bulls are out of Duff Basic Instinct and New Edition, just turned a year in Feb and weighing 1100-1200. I know the pictures are not the best but you can get an idea of what is there. 128 Bull 130...
  9. GRTiger85

    Lease Advice

    I was hoping to get some advice on approaching somebody about leasing their place. I drive by a nice place on my way to work everyday about 10 miles down the road from my house. The place used to have cows on it, but they havnt had anything on it since last year(looks like they sold out during...
  10. GRTiger85

    Need Everybodys Help

    I have started up my own internet cattle marketing/auction company and I need yalls input on cattle publications to advertise in. Im working on a college students (not alot) budget so I would like to focus on those with pretty high reader numbers, and those that circulate in cow country (for...
  11. GRTiger85

    Last American Cowboy

    Anybody been watching this show on animal planet, its about some good sized cattle ranches up in montana...pretty interesting to see the differences between how they do things up there, and how things are done way down here.
  12. GRTiger85


    Gas Pipline near my hometown blew up today when a crew working for an electric company hit the pipeline while putting in poles. Not alot of attention to details apparently. ... -Explosion
  13. GRTiger85

    T-85 Project Update

    Grass was sprigged 1st part of April, Doing pretty good for the most part. Here is how it progressed. Day 8 after some rain. Day 22 These were taken Yesterday 6-4-10
  14. GRTiger85

    T-85 Field Update

    well its been about a week since the field got a 2" rain after sprigging and it is starting to sprout.
  15. GRTiger85

    New Project

    This is how I have spent most of my spring break, getting this field ready to sprig with Tifton-85. I am going to try and take pictures as I progress with it, I'll try to post some.
  16. GRTiger85

    Duff Cattle Company/Power Plus

    Has anyone bought a bull from them or used one? I was wanting to get some opionions on their bulls/operation if possible. Thinking about going to their bull sale in march to look for a clean up bull/herdsire to use as an outcross on my cows with precision and new design in them. They look like...
  17. GRTiger85

    BEST of the West Bull Sale

    Best of the West Angus Bull Sale is Saturday January 23 at Noon in the Richardson-Bass Sale & Pen Pavillion. Held during the Southwestern Exposition & Livestock Show in Fort Worth Texas. Stars of Texas Female Sale is Friday the 22nd at Noon in the same location.
  18. GRTiger85

    A Rush I DIDNT Need!

    Had a new cow calve today, been calm as a clam since I brought her home. Went to tag the calf this afternoon and she was given me that look when I got up close to her, was about 10 yds away when I decided I'd wait till somebody got home to help me, soon as I took a step to leave she decided it...
  19. GRTiger85

    Neat Stuff

    Where were these when I was little? ... re=related
  20. GRTiger85

    A few of the Herd

    A few of my cows, pictures arnt the best but it was hard to get them to cooperate. Critique away