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  1. clubbiebreeder

    can i give my horse old bread that is dried out?

    So I had some old leftover bread that had dried out (it wasn't moldy) and I decided to give my horse a little bit and she loved it just as much as apple pellets, and I have more bread that is dried out and I was wondering if it would be okay to feed it to her as long as it is dried out?
  2. clubbiebreeder

    What should I feed a 4H steer?

    For the past few years my family has fed COB to our 4H steer and we have finally decided that needs to end, because we’re constantly worrying we’re feeding too much or we’re worried we’re not gaining? What would be something good to feed our steers? Or if you have any tips I’m happy to learn new...
  3. clubbiebreeder

    Murray Grey calves; good enough for show?

    So I have some Murray grey calves and I want to see what you guys think, would they be okay to take for fair, the brown heifer was born mid March and the white steer was born mid February This was taken June 1st This was taken may 29th 2021 This is of the heifer from a few days ago I have no...