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    Texas Show People

    What show are you targeting the steers?
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    Future of showing

    Bud, you are getting them started right.
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    Our County Fair Results

    Congratulations on a great county fair. With broilers, hogs and heifers you know what your kids are doing when not in school.
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    Whats y'alls opinion

    I think you already figured it out. It is always better to get the calf halter broken and leading before you dehorn. 1) You have the animal's trust; 2) the stress of weaning, going on feed and strange surroundings are enough to start out with and 3) it is difficult to work with one when...
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    Open and Junior Beef show in Canton, TX

    Texas exhibitors - please accept this invitation to show in the Van Zandt County Fair. 4-H and FFA members can enter into both the junior show and the open show. Here is link to the rules. Just click on open show or junior beef show to open the rules and information...
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    A first for me......Re. halter breaking.

    That is one good looking Brangus heifer. Try leading her to her feed and water. She will soon associate leading with a reward.
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    Anyone currently active in Texas 4H?

    GB, I was a county agent here in Texas for 29 years and taught ag for 6 years before that. I will try to help you.
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    Junior and Open Breeding Show Invite

    To all Texas exhibitors, w ant to extend an invitation to the Van Zandt County Fair Junior and Open Breeding Beef show in Canton, TX. Van Zandt County Fair Junior and Open Beef Shows are Saturday April 11. 4-H and FFA members can double enter and show twice in one day. Open show books close at...
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    Show feeding help- Moved from New Comers

    Find out the percent corn in the base feed you bought and then blend in flaked or crimped corn until corn makes up about 60 to 65 percent of the total ration. Don't expect this to work in a month or less. Getting show finish on an animal takes time.
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    Halter Breaking

    I learned trick this from an old man and now that I am an old man I will share. It worked for my kids and others. Our county agent started teaching it at his 4-H beef camp. I have a 20 foot gooseneck trailer with a full escape door in the front. I tie the haltered calf in the front of the...
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    Van Zandt County Open and Junior Beef Shows

    April 13, 2013 in Canton, TX. Consider this an invite for all Texas exhibitors. A junior beef heifer show for Texas 4-H and FFA exhibitors followed by an open show for any and all from Texas. Juniors can double enter and show twice in one day. Go to...
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    Please help me with this steer if you can

    This has worked for me for a long time. When my kids got a new heifer or steer, I would tie them up in the front end of our 20 ft gooseneck cattle trailer with enough slack to be able to get up and get down. A water bucket is put in the back of the trailer. Twice a day (3 times a day if it is...
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    Van Zandt Co. Youth Expo Heifer Show

    For junior exhibitors in Texas , Saturday April 7 in Canton, TX. ... rrules.pdf
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    Showing and Clothing

    That is the way I was also taught.
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    how do you get them to drink at a show?

    Are you on a community water system or a well at home? If you are on a well you may want to add a few drops of chlorine bleach to the water trough. Another trick that worked for me was to draw up water at the show and let it sit for 12 hours or more to dissapate the chlorine smell. Sometimes...
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    Do you think he will make a good show steer?

    Unfortunately your calf lacks balance and style. He appears to be too straight in his hind leg set, too straight in his shoulders, and looks to be pinched in his heart girth. I know that show steer producers try for the straight legs, but this is a structural problem that causes the calves to...
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    Charolais Judging at The Royal Ulster Show - Balmoral - May

    Thank you for sharing
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    Prospect/Progress Steer Show - June 9

    There will be a prospect/progress steer show on Thursday, June 9 at the Van Zandt County Fair in Canton, TX. Here is some more information: 1.Entry fee - $20 2.Prospect and Progress Steer weight cards must be turned in by 4:30 pm on Thursday, June 9th. 3.All breeds show together. Classes will...
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    Van Zandt Co. Fair Open Show

    Would like to make Texas beef cattle exhibitors aware of an open cattle show on June 11 in Canton, TX. Here is a link with more details: ... enShow.pdf
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    should I market him as a 4H project steer?

    I don't know what part of Texas you are from, but I have bought several calves at the sale barn that were competitive in their local shows. The secret to buying at a sale barn is to know what the market value is and how much premium you are willing to give for a calf. If someone is running...