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    Have you ever heard of.............

    Barn lime mixed into the water for prevention of bloat, as it changes the ph in the gut????? New one to me by the way!
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    What ya'll think??
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    Replacements out of first calve heifers?

    The other day a comment was made on another topic, something of this nature. Points to remember; Never keep replacements out of first calve heifers. I guess that caught my eye and I guess I have been asleep as I could not remember hearing that before. I thought it was an interesting...
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    Wheat Grass??

    I read an article in the Grass Farmer about a couple in Dakota using Wheatgrass quite extensively and really like it. I contacted them and they stated it was an intermediate wheatgrass? That is a new one for our area. Anyone using it or know any info about it?? Thanks in advance!!
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    Grilling a Rump Roast.

    Has anyone here ever done a 3 1/2 lb rump roast on a gas grill, the type that has no open flame out the top? Yea, I know, i like the charcoal grills also but am trying this one out to see if I like it. P.S. I may even chicken out and use the charcoal grill, who knows. Any GREAT ideas and or...
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    Calve pics.

    Not the best pics, however the best I got. Here are a few of the calves out of the Murray bull I posted.
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    Female Mowing Crew!

    All first time crossbred heifers. I am not sure how I got lucky enough to get 8 of the 12 first timers to line up like that for me? Never the less, they are doing what they like!
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    Murray Grey Bull Pics.

    I actually was planning on moving him after this season, now seeing his offspring I have second thoughts? Murray Grey Bull, Sired by Ballee Thumbs Up and out of a cow called Ladon Fern, which was pictured recently in one of the favorite cow topics. Sorry about the background. I only have one...
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    Hey Dun, I got it!

    Well Dun, Thats a whole lot easier for a dummy like me!! Thanks for the tip, now I need to actually get some good photos and start sharing them and getting opinions! Fire away!
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    Playing With Pics. I am trying to post pics, however all I got so far is a hot link which is quite an accomplishment for me. Not a great pic, but for starters.......... One of these days I will get it figured out, maybe!
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    A Few Laws Of Life.

    *Law Of Mechanical Repair After your hands become coated with grease, your nose will begin to itch. *Law Of Probability The probability of being watched is directly proportional to the stupidity of your act. *Law Of The Telephone If you dial a wrong number, you will never get a busy signal...
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    Ole Farmer Doesn't Get It!

    Ole Farmer Brown ended up in the hospital. The first day at about noon, Farmer yells at the nurse. Mam, I need to take a crap! Nurse states, ah Sir we don't do that here, you need to pick a number, either 1 or 2. Farmer says okay fine, I will take 2, but please hurry! The following day his...
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    Anyone in our area using gamagrass??
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    Dead Cows

    I purchased some adjoining land this summer. The former owner was a grazing person so had it seeded into fescue and I don't know what all. Here is the problem. Sunday eve (late) I saw I had a dead cow laying there?? Go out Monday to git rid of her and there is another laying there and totally...
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    New in TX

    Welcome aboard! I am sure your cows are bred!!! :)
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    Curly hair??

    I have read and heard say a cow or heifer with curly hair is usually no good for a brood cow?? Any experiences, or ideas if all the rest looks okay?
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    I have two water tanks for my cows 1 being Rubbermaid the other Galvanized.The question is why does my herd always prefer the water in the rubbermaid over metal?? It might not even matter, however just curios! Any ideas? :roll:
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    Newbi here from Indiana

    I have been watching this forum for a while now and enjoy it very much! I think I have gathered enough guts to jump in and go for it? Lots of interesting conversations going on!!