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    Grinder/mixer suggestions

    Hey guys I have decided that it's time I start grinding my own feed. I am going through about 80-100 ton a year so not much in the scheme of grinding your own. I am doing mostly pig feed for pasture pork and feeding out some steers. My budget is about 4-8k. I have some older mechanical drive CIH...
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    Putting in platform scale

    So I am gonna put in a platform scale this spring. I am putting it in an alley before the headgate with a concrete floor. I know a lot of you guys use the B and B scales and that is probably what I'm going with. My question is do you have to buy one of these 500 dollar aluminum platforms? I was...
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    Herd advancement

    Ok so I run a small registered herd. I do have a budget and have been pondering this question. Is it better to say buy 6K in embryos and a half decent 5K cow OR say just buy a few embryos and buy a proven 5 yr old cow for 10k that could be a donor cow. My thoughts with the embryos would be...
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    Safe corn moisture for grinding?

    Ok so I have ear corn I am grinding for feed. I guess this pertains to shelled corn also. What is the safe moisture level for corn to keep without heating up when ground for feed. My ear corn is at 17.5% now and my neighbor says that I should only grind a ton at a time cause it wont keep...
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    Is this tv commercial serious?

    So I was watching the NCAA games today. A commercial comes on for a dating site I mean is this serious. I wonder if whitepeoplemeet is available. I guess that would be frowned upon though cause its for white people.
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    Some form of Mastitis?

    So noticed a three year old today that has a two month old calf on her with a tennis ball sized lump high in her rear quarter. There is no milk in the quarter that I could get out but she doesnt have much anyway unfortunately. It is not hot or hurt her in any way. I am around them everyday so...
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    Solar or battery hook up fence energizers?

    I have a solar on a nine acre field and it does fine. The battery will need to be changed every few years but it will work fine.
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    How old is too old for a recip?

    So I have ten embryos I have to implant this spring. Some I'm not worried about as far as calving ease and BW. Some I want to use on older cows. Two questions. First on an Embryo how do you consider the calving ease? By the bull or the female or the average of both? Also how old is too old...
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    Hereford bull H Victor 0136

    Seen him in the new hereford AI book. I know he's is owned by hoffmans and came in second at denver. Whats everyones thoughts on him.
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    The saga continues

    So I am dreading even writing this cause I am hoping its not true. I believe Star Lake strikes again. I purchased a bred heifer due to calve in 3 weeks. She isnt that wide like all my other cows and I had some concern. I was moving cows and put the bull in last night with the bred cows...
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    Need Help asap

    Ok so checked the calf that had joint ill cause he wouldnt get up. 104.4 TEMP. I gotta bring him up to house and give banamine and nuflor. Anything would be helpful.
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    Combining beans at 11pm on a sunday

    My idiot neighbor is taking his soybeans at 1030 pm on a sunday night. It is 1120 right now and he is still going. All the houses have kids and I have a 9 month old trying to sleep. Not to mention it is older that me and sounds even worse. Its been 20 degrees and snow and its january. Is...
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    SHF wonder semen 50% off

    Seems Sandhill dropped Wonder semen to 50 bucks. Seems like a drastic measure since his son just won denver.
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    Cattle in motion website

    I was trying to watch the hereford show and this website is terrible. The video looks like its taken from a home movie camcorder from the 80's and the sound is even worse. Looks like watching the sale tonight wont be as good as I thought.
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    ET calf with joint ill?

    So my recip from star lake calved sunday afternoon. Calving went ok. Calf was hip locked and hanging out of her for about a 90 seconds before falling out. Calf was a big bull calf 92 lbs. Everything was fine until I got home from the PA farm show at 9 pm on monday. I walked out to check...
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    Advice on corn chopper and silage

    Ok so I have 15-20 mommas and run a registered cow/calf. We only have 20 acres of pasture and 22 acres of hay ground. Feed is killing us and we are looking to start feeding corn silage and alfalfa. I am looking to put in 10 acres of corn doublecropped with trical 815. I wanna chop 7 acres and...
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    Young bull walking gingerly

    Ok so we kept a bull calf for cleanup. He is 19 months old and cleaned up 9 cows this year. He walks very gingerly sometimes. Other times he goes to a new pasture and fights the cow and runs all over like nothings wrong. He looks like his joints hurt. His feet look ok legs are ok. I read...
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    NJW Trust or Hoffman Redeem

    Any thoughts or experience with these bulls. I noticed in hoffmans sale the redeem calves didnt sell as high as others but I like his look.
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    Cows from star lake sale still not here

    So as some of you know I purchased some embryos, bred heifer, and recip from the sale. Now the sale was almost a month ago and still dont have my cattle or embryos. So the check was cashed right after the sale of course. Lathrop is doing the trucking. He said it would be a week for delivery so...
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    Fertilizing after planting?

    Ok so I rented a notill drill last week and put in some straight alfalfa, cereal rye and timothy in separate fields. We got some rain afterwards and with my work schedule I didnt have time to put down the fertilizer. Needless to say it all germinated and now I dont want ride on it. How long...