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    Harvest Walnut

    looking for input, ballpark prices, advice, etc. from anyone that has knowledge of harvesting mature walnut trees in pasture. Hoping to start a discussion so i can take the best plan of action for making a little extra money. Do's and don'ts, best approach with buyers, which steps to do...
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    Weaned/weighed a few calves yesterday Growth Fund/Playbook

    1-1-20 Growth Fund heifer calf (dam's 2nd calf) 764 Adj. 751 Ratio 100 1-7-20 Playbook x Absolute x Reserve bull calf (1st calf) 760 Adj.794 Ratio 100 3-28-20 Playbook x Traction x 7229 heifer calf (1st calf) 429 Adj. 643 Ratio 100
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    Cattle CHUTE!!

    I've probably asked this before, but really trying to get this narrowed down finally First of all. Preifert, Tarter, or any other farm store and/or poorly made unit is not an option for me. Most of you have ton more cattle working experience than I do, so you won't hurt my feeling, but...
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    SAV no show

    Can't be there? Well, won't be able to watch either. Thought it would be great on this nasty day to watch the sale while in the office. Never had I noticed that they don't have DV or Live Autctions putting it online. Call in bids is the only other option. I can see with that many lots...
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    Used EQstim on a couple of heifers to get rid of warts, administered by my vet. Read the label just now online, didn't find much. Here's the question Will it affect the breeding/fertility of the two heifers we gave shots to, and if so, how long should I wait? Thanks in advance Justin
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    Gave her a Go

    Well, my usual two AI tech/vet couldn't make it out today. Not the first time. Had a Resource heifer with her patch rubbed off this AM. Was a little surprised, we bred her two weeks ago, had shown heat in a small heifer sync group, so wasn't expecting to look out for anything till next...
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    Anyone else seeing warts this time of year? I wonder if it has anything to do with the drought we are in or if that's a coincidence. Does the cold weather gradually knock them out?
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    Clippers/Shear pLeaSe HeLp

    Needing to buy cattle shears. Don't need the Ferrari model or price. Will probably be doing 5-10 a year on average as we start to sell some here and there at a few production sales. Have one I need to get ready for an upcoming sale. Again, just needing something to get the job done and not...
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    Drone users??

    Does anyone on here use a drone for easy observation of their herd and pastures?? If so, which one works best? I'm not looking to spend a lot, just want to be able to hook into iPhone and look over about 20-30 acres. I figure it'd be great for heat detection, general herd checks, keeping...
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    Hoover Dam laid to rest

    Hoover Angus Farm: Tonight we pay tribute to Hoover Dam, as he was laid to rest today at ORIgen. Hoover Dam was 11 1/2 years of age, and spent most of his life at ORIgen, where he was the #1 all-time semen sales bull as well as the #1 semen production bull. Hoover Dam’s influence has been felt...
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    Raindance v Rainfall v President

    I know it's still early, but we just had our first Raindance heifer and are definitely excited about her potential. I saw her get up and right away thought 75-80# calf. But when I picked her up to bring to lean to and weigh her, she was SOLID like a brick, weighed in at 90#. She's out of our...
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    Grazing Alfalfa

    Neighbor has a 7 acre alfalfa field that he would rather my cows take care of than him deal with the weather and someone cutting and baling. The field is 40-50% alfalfa, rest of it is orchard/mix. He got the first cut off 3 weeks ago. When is the best time to graze his field? It's...
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    Hey ya'll .....

    …. I havnt got on here in about two months. Can anyone catch me up to speed on what I missed, cuz that's a lot of threads to go thru …. LOL
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    Anyone used or looked into using these tubs? Looks like they are more western states and canada
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    Close call at Home Depot

    Hopefully everyone made it out safely and unharmed ……. :lol:
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    Of course!!

    Penned up our experienced momma today and OF COURSE she's getting started. Just checked her and she's already starting labor, I assume calf will be out in 90 min or less. I was hoping she'd wait till Friday at least. We've been on time or late this winter other due dates, and she's only been...
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    Who here tattoos ....

    Who here tattoos (ears) the earliest? I'm thinking earlier is better, as in asap, in regards to handling. But wanted to see y'alls thoughts on the matter, and when is too early I guess?
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    Deer Valley Growth Fund

    Anyone getting an early start using him? Starting to hear rumblings that he's the next big thing ….
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    Angus Conv.

    Anyone ever been? It's definitely not cheap!! Wanted to go when it was in Indy a few years back. It's only 3.5 hours away in Columbus and won't be anywhere close for at least 4-5 years. If I go it would be on Saturday. I'm not interested in the field day on Friday. Any info or feedback...
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    Two more calves, LD Capitalist 316

    Saturday we had the Connealy Courage heifer. Now Wednesday we had a LD Capitalist 316 heifer calf, and Thursday, another LD Capitalist 316 heifer calf. I noticed on Jeanne's thread everyone top heavy on the heifer calves so far. All were due Sept 17. All heifer calf. No assists. All...