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    Nice looking heifer for 10 days. What's the sire and MGS? P.S. I'm a sucker for baldies too!
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    Simmental breeders

    In Dew Time is a 2005 model, ranks in the top 5% for TI and is in the top 1% for marbling...why would you say his carcass merit is bad? And I believe he was in the top 10 of most used sires in 2008.
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    EPA, methane production/cow tax

    I just read in a beef trade magazne that the EPA cow tax is a rumor that got out of hand. There is no such proposed tax.
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    Using Sim. on heifers

    I would use a Simmental bull on British heifers if he had a 15+ CE EPD and he was proven. Hook's Shear Force, In Dew Time, Dream On, and I'm sure there are others out there.