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    Proposed Legislation on COOL

    Does this mean we will have to tag cattle with a government issued tag to prove it was born and raised in US?
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    Advice on building a herd in Central Texas - sale barns vs breeders

    added verse - and they are not happy until they find it (the place to die).
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    Vaccinating feeder cattle…?

    My question to original poster would be why would you not vaccinate the calves?
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    Tx brucellosis vacc requirements

    If I am going to keep a heifer for myself or to sell as a replacement female, I get them vaccinated. If the heifer goes to salebarn as --a feeder heifer I don't bother. If are vaccinating for brucellosis, it must be done between 4 and 12 months of age.
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    Buyer beware

    Were you "slow bidding"? Waiting to the last second trying to get in will aggravate an auctioneer and some will send a subtle message to flag and get in by letting you miss a cow or two. I do not know about Kentucky, but here we sell nearly all the cattle one at a time. When they get on calves...
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    What kind of bull is he?

    Holstien cross. Cut him and let him grow, then sell him and apply the money toward your new bull.
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    Buyer beware

    I bet your neighbors would squeal like pig with its head caught under a gate if they went to a % commission after being on a set amount per head. Most of the sales here in northeast Texas sell on a 3.25% of gross commission. Down in Brute's country the sale barns charge 4%. Our friends in...
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    Cross Breeding Dairy Cattle for Longevity

    Longevity has a lot to do with whether the cows are in a free stall situation or a grazing situation. My neighbors are graziers and have gotten away from straight Holstiens and are using more crosses. The Holstiens are too big to be be good graziers and the black hair color suffersin our East...
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    Grazing Corn ?

    I saw grazing corn used to grow yearling calves from weaning to feedlot ready size in Kentucky when I was on a tour. It was no-tilled into some ground that was too hill to plow and run a combine. I do not remember then figures, but the producer said it worked for them.
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    How to find a processor?

    There is a small processor at Westphalia, Giddings and Fairfield.
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    Critique this bull calf

    Good things are he is long bodied, level hipped and shows some muscling down in his lower leg. He also appears to have a good set of feet and legs with correct set to pastern and hocks. If I could change him, I would make him deeper ribbed.
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    How to find a processor?

    Texas Department of Health has a list of state inspected plants.
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    Boom less sprayer calibration.

    I once heard the state weed specialist with Texas AgriLife Extension say to try to get 20 gallons per acre volume. He told producers trying to control carolina horsenettle if they weren't putting 20 gal/acre just leave the spray rig in the barn.
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    Army worms

    Here is a chart with what is recommended in Texas with any grazing or harvesting restrictions. Hand written notes are costs per acre
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    Chapparal did a good job in this demonstration. Do not use if you have and like bahia.
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    What bull to put on Santa Gertrudis x Hereford Cross Cows?

    Guys and Gals, here in East Texas we hve made so many black calves there is no premium for having a black calf. Most order buyers will put a good yellow calf on the same order as the blacks. The calf pictured is sired by a Gert bull out of Charolais cow.
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    302 as a calf.jpg

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    What bull to put on Santa Gertrudis x Hereford Cross Cows?

    To simply things, use a Charolais bull on Gert x Hereford cow. Since you are a small operation buy your replaements. As our friend Cuastic Burno would say - those calves will mash the scales down.
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    You want a little ear/Brahman

    I saw a half blood Brahman heifer sell last Saturday at local sale barn. She weighed 395 and brought $2.00 a lb.