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    british white x hereford for a herd sire.

    Guess my question always is, when you cross this breed with that breed and that one with this one..... Ever fed cattle??? Who are you producing this cross for???? Looks like , "I have a breeding program out of control, I'm gonna sell for freezer beef the ones the buyers can tell, and let them...
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    Seriously Considering Selling the Cows

    Trouble with financing it in this part of the country is first thing they do is remove every tree, fence and most buildings to farm it. Five years later when that fails, you get your farm back. No equipment, nobody wants a gutted farm, and you're worse off than you were before. Saw it happen...
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    Seriously Considering Selling the Cows

    But I don't want more real-estate! Want the headaches to go away. Got houses to live in, don't wanna raise cows anymore. I just wanna spend the equity I spent a lifetime building. I'm willing to pour it back into the economy. LOL!!! Just not in the form of taxes.
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    Seriously Considering Selling the Cows

    Also have 600 acres of ground I'd sell. Could get 3k for it, problem is I paid $200.
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    Seriously Considering Selling the Cows

    Have my 100 head leased on a 60 40 deal. I supply grass, hay ground,, taxes and insurance. He pays everything else for the 60% gross. Would like to sell out. How do you handle taxes? Would give at least half to government.
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    I, personally, have never been bitten by a chigger or mosquito. My friends are beating and scratching mosquitoes and scratching chiggers, I've always wondered what it feels like. Of course, they just cuss me.
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    Net Worth X Coleman Charlo

    Thought it was too early for him to have calves on the ground
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    Chinese Flu ?

    My DIL works for the Florida division of the CDC. A lady called, wanted to know what percentage of Chinese blood was allowed before the child was removed from public school. She was concerned her child was in danger because there were several Chinese children in the son's school!!! GS
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    If your gonna sell wagu calves, you gotta have an outlet for them. Your talking a 50 cent or more dock at the local sale barn. Research Circle A and see what their offering. Buying a wagu bull, and just crossing some angus will fail miserably. GS
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    Another money saver

    People today that worked like I did have so many advantages with tools. The stuff I did 35 years ago doesn't have to be done now. For instance, swinging a 3lb. Hammer at a stardrill to get through a concrete wall , beating your wrist and fingers when you miss, is no longer necessary, get a...
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    Pole Barn House

    Hardest part of a pole barn house is keeping the mice out.
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    What to do with land if the cattle industry collapsed?

    Herofan, ifyoure a small operation,lookingfor jingle in your pocket, give up! However, ifyour a small operation looking to build equity, stay in there, itwill happen! JMHO, GS
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    What profession do you trust least?

    News reporter
  14. P much should you care?

    As someone that has fed their own stock, remember that there is a grid for all cattle. Want a premium for select? Breed for that. Carcass. Want prime, breed for it. That's where it's good to have an order buyer that knows your calves. He will buy them for the correct freeder. Or he can also...
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    dang farm fence.. you're famous

    Thank you FFS. Learned more today than I ever learned on CT before. GS
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    Sometime, when I get time, I'm gonna put together a 65 or 66 Galaxie 500 2 door convertible. Have checked with rebuild shops. Can fuel inject motors, all modernized options, including backup cameras, navigation, and other bells and whistles, $52 000. Figure it worth that when I'm done with it...
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    '68 mustang fastback, automatic, boss 302, O tires on back, side exhaust with thrust mufflers. Would squall tires, if floored, at 55 miles per hour. GS
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    The way I see it...

    Me neither, and it's too far to drive for coffee, TT
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    Seed Stock: What is you agenda?

    Why seed fescue every year, James. My farm was all fescue from neglect until I began building the ground up with rotational grazing, overseeing, rolling out bales, mowing and fertilization. Now all brom, Timothy, clover, birdsfoot, nearly no fescue. Fescue managed right can have its pluses, and...