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    Keep or breed back?

    my opinion is worth about 2 cents. But here it is. if the calf had not been stepped on would you be culling momma? Not her fault for that loss, I’d say. You’re thinking penning her alone was the cause of misbehavior. Again, not her fault. i think “2 strikes you’re out” applies when the cow’s...
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    Wean then breed?

    Okay. I had a momma and 2-1/2 week-old calf separated out with 2 bulls who were outside of the ‘nursery’ pen w that held a few other expectant cows waiting to calve. One afternoon both bulls started working hard to cover that momma and I was concerned for the calf underfoot. I thought maybe the...
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    Wean then breed?

    Okay. That’s do-able.
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    Wean then breed?

    Thank you! I’m sure you’re right that I’m over thinking this, especially after reading the timelines people work with.
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    Wean then breed?

    Just wondering if you guys wean calves off the mamas before you breed them back again. I pasture breed and want to avoid an accident with a calf from an overzealous bull.
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    Safe, dependable, affordable

    Best car ive ever owned - ford fusion ‘13. Bought new, now at 130k. My daughter drives it now. Trouble-free ownership the whole time. And its Made in America. Well, assembled in Mexico 😣
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    You were lucky if hot flashes only lasted a year. Mine easily went 10 years and, from what I’ve heard, it’s not unusual. My husband swears it feels like a meat locker in our house.
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    Georgia run off today.................

    You realize Mao was a lefty not a righty, right.