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    Maybe it is the mask

    Where does the oxygen come from if the air is brought in (30,000 ft) from the outside every 3 minutes?
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    Cheap guidance system

    I went to a grazing school a couple of years ago put on by the U of Ky. and they had something for atv's or side x side's they used when spreading clover......i don't remember what it was called but it seems like it was about $200. i think something like that would pay for itself cause i tend to...
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    Ole Ross Perot....I liked him.....thought he would have made a great President!
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    Cold and Dry and Trying to Die

    I heard my Dad say you could cut down Locust trees and cattle would eat the leaves......i think they are a legume.
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    Lost 3 to blackleg

    Does it have any relation to blank shank in tobacco?....its in the soil and shows up in wet fields
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    Sperm count.

    I would expect bulls developed on grass would have the best BSE score as a general rule as compared to bulls that are fattened up with grain.
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    Covid - good news

    Sounds science is whatever they want you to think it is or tell you it is. You want to talk about a covid vaccine then lump it in the same box as a rabies vaccine. So the true science is will die if you get rabies if you don't get treatment......we don't all run out and get a rabies...
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    Covid - good news

    its possible that Trump pushed out a vaccine in record time or they would have locked us down for years till they developed one thru normal channels
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    Covid - good news

    Good for you. That's a good way to not answer the question.
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    Covid - good news

    Of course, any death that is later than 15 minutes after the jab is "purely coincidental"
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    Covid - good news

    I didn't say 2%.....i said 1%......If the vaccine maker almost guaranteed 1% would die from the vaccine versus may be 1% or possibly none...without it.
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    Covid - good news

    Would you(or anybody reading this) vaccinate your cattle knowing there was a very high probablility that 1% would die from the vaccine? I wouldn't. if you had 100 feeder calves and you knew one of them would probably die from the shot or one might die if it caught whatever it was you were...
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    Covid - good news

    So if you go by the numbers....the vaccine is not 100% effective and a virus with an over 99% survival rate? Thats a real puzzler.
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    Covid - good news

    I wondering why so many vaccinated people are getting covid and some dying. Just had a friend of mine to die yesterday of covid/pneumonia .....fully vaccinated. Granted he was 84 but in otherwise good health and yet another woman I know who is 92 unvaccinated...caught covid and had a little bit...
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    Low/no maintenance cattle

    Low maintenance should always be the goal with livestock producers, but you can't do it on sagegrass and weeds. Clovers in healthy amounts will just about double your protein and minerals of grass alone. In keeping your own bulls, you still need to do selective breeding(select your best bulls)...
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    I thought they were joking

    As stated.....sand is needed to make concrete but it has to be sand from lakes, oceans etc. Desert sand won't work for concrete it has been tumbled too much by being blown around by the wind. Thats my understanding anyway.
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    Small business loan.

    Sometimes I think its good to measure our love for money.....If someone came up to you on the street and asked if you could help them out would you give them $2 or $20 if you had it on you, or nothing.
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    When to turn out Bulls for expected calving date

    I always thought that they were in different stages of the cycle....if they cycle every 21 days will they speed up the cycle when they get around a bull?
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    When to turn out Bulls for expected calving date

    According to the gestation table if a cow is bred on June 1st....she will be due March 10th. I shoot for around March 15th due date. So assuming most of them are in heat at turn out then everything would be right on schedule. but they might not be any in heat at turn out and could be a week or...
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    Unrolling hay

    The one BIGGIE about unrolling hay is if your calving anytime during the hay feeding time are way less likely to lose a calf to trampling, because they want to get somewhere dry and thats usually right next to a hay ring. Someone told me just the other day about losing several calves...