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    530 moco?

    I’ve found a 530 moco and was wondering what the difference was between it and a 630 moco. And dose anyone have any experience with a 530 moco this one seams to be priced pretty decent 11,500
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    Unrolling hay

    What’s the pros and cons of unrolling hay. I live in Kentucky so it can get pretty messy in the winter time. I just don’t wanna make a bunch of ruts in my pastures. But from what I’ve read it’s a real game changer as far as regrowth and fertility in your pastures. Just wondering what everyone’s...
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    5130 case ih

    I’m going to look at a case ih 5130 tomorrow it comes with a loader cab 2wd. It has 8,000 hours on it it’s priced at 16,000. Anyone have and reviews on this tractor are they good bad. Is that to many hours. It will be a feed tractor and rake tractor and moving round bales. I’ll not be working it...
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    Heifer calving

    I’ve got a heifer that is springing like I’ve never seen before. I’m not sure if I need to call a vet or what. She has a little dairy stock in here and I thought maybe that’s why she was swelled so much. I’m not very old but I’ve been around cattle my whole life and I’ve never seen anything like...
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    Mahindra 5570?

    I’m looking for a small tractor for feeding round bales and raking hay and staking hay in the barns. The tractor is a 5570 mahindra 4wd loader with a little over 400 hours open station with a canopy for 22,500. Mahindra is not a popular brand around my area but there is a dealer close. I’m just...
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    Selecting bulls for new farm

    ok so I ended up getting the farm and I’m going to start buying cows in the spring. So my question is what kinda bull do you recommend I’m going to shoot for mostly black and white face cows or black cows. I really love Charolais bulls and love the way they grow they take a little bit of a...
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    What to look for when buying a terminal bull

    What the best breed? And what kind of epds should I take in notice when looking for a bull for terminal calf. What kinda cows would y’all recommend breeding to the terminal bull of your choice?
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    535 problems

    I’ve got a John Deere 535 that is making a hell of a noise sounds like coming from the pick up. You can turn it on and rev it to 530 pto no noise but as soon as you start taking in hay it makes a noise. Still makes a pretty roll and bales just fine.
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    2nd cut hay improvements

    What do you guys do to help the yeld of your second cut hay. I’ve been brain storming and thought a guy could drill in some kind of worm season annual after his first cut say something like fox tail millet. Or would that smother out your fescue and orchard grass for first cut the next year. I...
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    Black Charolais?

    How did they come up with a black Charolais? Wouldn’t it have to have some kind of angus in the wood shed. With that being said has anyone used one they have me intrigued
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    2950 John Deere

    Anyone know much about these tractors I found one I’d like to have just don’t know much about Deere’s it’s 4wd loader cab with just over 5000 hours for 23,000 witch sounds high to me maybe not. The tractor will be used to cut hay with a 630 moco and bale with a 567 baler and to feed round bales...
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    New bull

    What y’all think about the bull? He’s a registered Gelbvieh.
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    Red angus x Hereford bull

    Anyone have any experience using a red angus Hereford cross breed bull? I’m still on the look out for a bull to breed to some heifers. I’ve got a purebred Hereford and some red simmental along with a few old Longhorns I picked up for a good price
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    Best commercial cow herd

    What would be y’all’s opinion on breed or breeds of cows in a commercial cow calf operation. And what kinda bull would you run. For the best bang for your buck at the sale barn. Just curious of what y’all have had good luck. Just trying to start an interesting post
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    Buying a farm

    What’s everyone’s thought on a young person going in debt and buying his own farm. Not only having to buy the farm but buy cows and equipment to farm with. I’ve tried to wrap my head around going in debt that much. I’ve always dreamed of farming my own land. Is it feasible or should it just have...
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    Charolais bull

    I think I’ve decided to go with a Charolais bull this year on my Hereford and sim cross heifers the bull has a calving ease of a 9 should I Reconsider or should I be fine. The guy I’m buying from has a good reputation for calving ease Charolais bulls. I’ve just always heard horror story about...
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    Jd 459ss or Vermeer 504

    Looking at buying a New baler and I’m look for opinions on a 459ss net wrap it’s used for 20k or a new Vermeer 504 classic string tie only for 22k anybody got any light to shine on this.
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    New holland 1411 discbine

    My dad has a 1411 discbine and it will not throw hay into a wind row on the left side of the mower. We have 2 of these cutters one dose fine but the other just throws the hay straight on the grown on the left side. Any ideas?
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    Chinangus bulls

    Anyone ever had any good or bad experiences breeding these bulls to first time heifers. I’m think of trying them or gelbvieh.
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    Buying a farm

    I’m a young farmer I’m 24 years old and found a property that I would love to own and is already set up for cattle. It’s a 150 acres and probably has about 90 to 100 acres of pasture/hay. Just starting from scratch with having to buy equipment and the farm and cows to go on the farm. Is there...