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    Coated vs. non-coated alfalfa seed?

    In my area most agree that No-tilling Alfalfa is pretty risky, it needs soil contact. Secondly, I planted 2 different clovers this spring, 1 at $120 per bag and 1 cost me $150 per bag. The higher priced clover was "Apron" coated, this means it has some nutrients and other things to help the...
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    Can't make money on cows

    This is a nice common sense thread. My stock trailer cost me $400 and I've hauled about 30 head of beef cattle with it so far. Paid $400 for my square baler and it will bale 1,000 bales without breaking a single one. I have 2 old AC D17's that do most of the hay work, and an IH 766 to bale and...
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    Looking to get some cattle and get herd started

    I don't know about your location, but here's how I got started along with several friends of mine. Here in Illinois there are a lot of pastures sitting empty. Farming families went to all grain operations. I run about 30 head of my herd on pasture that I use for FREE. My part is to take care of...
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    Anyone frostseeding clover yet?

    I was just wondering if anyone in the Midwest has started slinging clover yet? Also, have any of you tried broadcasting rye grass and if so were you succesfull? I have some rye seed left from last year and considered mixing it with the clover. Any thought appreciated.
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    I bought a 766 with loader what do ya think

    Hello, I farmed with Dad and Grandpa all my life and just started raising cattle on my own. I had been putting hay out with neighbors 706. I have 2 AC D17's of my own, but wanted a bigger loader tractor. I bought an IH 766 with a Koyker K5 Quick-tach loader on it for $7500. The 766 had been...
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    Summer annual advise

    You might consider Pearl Millet or Forage oats with some Red Clover. That would make some nice hay.
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    Winter Seeded Crimson Clover

    I would try to seed your clover about Feb 20th or a little later. If you can get a disc to cut a little bit to open the sod up that would be a good idea. Another possibility would be to feed hay on the ground after seeding the clover and get your cows to trample the seed in for you. That will...
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    Grinding corn cob and all?

    Thanks to you all for the input. I aquired the grinder in exchange for baling some hay. I have to cut costs everywhere I can in order to be able to continue raising cattle. I fear that it won't be long and the big companies will own the cattle business just like they own the hog industry. I will...
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    Grinding corn cob and all?

    If I can buy some down corn for the right price could I grind it cob and all for winter feed for dry cows? Would it be OK with some 32% protein added for fattening steers? Would it hurt to grind the husks too? I have a PTO powered grinder and I think I can buy the corn laying flat in the field...
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    Striving for Low Costs and Sustainability

    I am thinking along the same lines you are. Frost seeding clover, no-tilling rye in fall, etc to improve forage. I baled some volunteer wheat and when I feed it I get wheat reseeded by the cows! I am seriously considering trying some South Devons in my breeding program. They originated in...
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    Is it the right time to plant wheat in IL?

    Dun, I am about 12 minutes from Girard
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    Can I get cows through winter without grain?

    I think some of my hay is pretty good stuff. My idea was to feed my worst hay early and late season and feed the better hay and or turn them out in the rye during the worst weather. I have some hay that is about 90% clover and some that is around 60% alfalfa. All is up in round bales and were...
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    Is it the right time to plant wheat in IL?

    60 miles north of St Louis MO
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    Can I get cows through winter without grain?

    Winter is fast approaching and I am trying to decide how to supplement my cows this winter. I have a couple areas of rye that I can turn them into as it grows. I would like to feed them something natural instead of corn to keep them healthy through the winter. Any suggestions?
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    Is it the right time to plant wheat in IL?

    Hello all, I am returning to farming after a 20 year absence. I am considering planting some wheat or maybe wheat/rye mixture in a couple of played out alfalfa patches. Is it about the right time of year? Will the wheat establish itself quickly enough to prevent erosion. If I disc the patch...
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    Older hereford cows breed for heifers or buy heifer calves?

    Bez, I will post a pic first chance I get. I do know that she is from a 3/4 Angus 1/4 Limi bull. She is about a light buckskin in color with some white markings. She has been just outstanding since weaned.
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    Older hereford cows breed for heifers or buy heifer calves?

    Bez, that was a great response, and greatly appreciated. I am going to invest in a young Hereford purebred bull with good maternal qualities and breed the best of these older Herefords. I am also going to buy a couple of young Hereford heifers each year. I kept an Angus/Limousine heifer and an...
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    Older hereford cows breed for heifers or buy heifer calves?

    My goal is to produce "baldie" calves with an Angus bull, finish the calves and direct market the beef. From my limited experience this seems to be the best profit margin. I eventually want to breed for top performance (marbling and growth rate) on grass and legumes only, no grain. This bunch of...
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    Older hereford cows breed for heifers or buy heifer calves?

    I bought a herd of Hereford cows from a neighbor. They are a nice bunch of cows and some produce great baldie calves. Some of them do have udder or teat problems, although they are minor and the cows are still producing good calves. The old cows are healthy, easy on feed, docile, etc. My...
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    Young bull should I keep him?

    I agree. I will get him castrated this week. I am located in Carlinville, IL and would like to get in touch with someone who would sell me some young purebred Hereford heifers. All the cows in the herd I bought are getting old, and I need some replacements. I already have a good Angus bull.