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    Homo Black

    Both breed associations offer testing as well.
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    Calf won't stand

    See if you can get a dose of meloxicam from your vet. It really helps the calf get over a hard pull.
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    Feed or Milk?

    Judging from the pictures that calf is older than he looks. Giving him milk now could cause diarrhea from lactose intolerance. Work him up slowly on a good feed and good hay. Deworming probably wouldn’t hurt either.
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    Long Range Dewormer?

    Just repeating what I was told by the Merial representative when the drug first came on market. I questioned it because we rotational graze. Edit to add: on the label under “Environmental Hazards “ it states “not for use in cattle managed in feedlots or under intensive rotational grazing...
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    Long Range Dewormer?

    It’s because in those situations the manure is concentrated in small areas. The drug is eliminated in the feces. In an extensive pasture situation the manure is spread out. The solution to pollution is dilution.
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    Cow/Calf snapshot

    Super pair. What is the breeding behind them?
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    Help with cow

    I had a cow with a kidney infection that presented the same way. Take a good look at the urine when she passes it, mine had small chunks of pus in it. It didn’t end well with treatment sadly.
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    LaCrosse,Bogs or Muck for winter wet boot

    Many people I know swear by the Quatro boots. I wear Muck boots and have been happy with them in cold weather.
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    Green manure from baby calf

    From the First Defense Tri-Shield label: "Blue dye is non-digestible serving as a tracker through the system to ensure calf received treatment. First fecal stool after administration will be blue in color."
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    Question on Supplementing a newborn - farmerjan

    I've had to do this many times, supplementing calves out on pasture while on dam, for multiple reasons, to salvage the long-term value of the calf. While they do become better bovine citizens, they tend to slack off on performance after a few months unless they have access to creep. Good...
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    Ringworm in 6 week old isolated calf group.

    Not available in the US. Studies have shown that there is no significant reduction in clinical disease with the use of the vaccine but the lesions heal more quickly in vaccinated animals and there is less hide damage. They could demonstrate no change in rate of gain between the groups.
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    MS, TN, AL red cattle results

    Look up these guys and then you have. Angus bull Spur Franchise of Garton Sire of this popular Red Angus bull, 9...
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    Wfl Merlin 018a

    Saw a bunch of sons while sorting through a pen of bulls this spring. They were easy to spot, really good. Can’t comment on replacements; talking to the owners is a good idea.
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    Scottish Highland Calf

    Some countries such as the Netherlands prohibit slaughtering cows in late gestation. Perhaps the OP lives in one of those countries. New Jersey had a bill put together earlier this year to prohibit the slaughter of any pregnant cow. Not sure if it passed.
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    Cattle Management App?

    If you find the link to the info about that on ASA’s website can you post it? Can’t seem to find it.
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    Best Poly Wire with reel

    Dare ez reel with power fields 9 strand polywire. Not a fancy reel but they hook over t posts really easy when crossfencing.
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    Twin Girls

    I like to pen mine up until the calves are vigorous enough to hunt mom down if they get separated, usually a week or so. I have one girl that has twinned twice, nursed both for about 48 hours then votes one off the island. She wouldn’t raise two great calves without help anyway so I’m content to...
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    25% chance for red

    Always love a wide blaze face, even when they weren’t in style. And red to boot out of a nice cow. Yay! Jeanne is right. It is hard to find a red bull that does what you want it to. Edit: red Simmental bulls. Lots of good Red bulls in other breeds.
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    More Calf Blood for Fake Meat ?

    I don’t know why this part of “no kill” meat isn’t pointed out more. Fetal calf serum is needed to produce this cultured meat. Where do people think this comes from? I don’t see places where calf fetuses can line up and donate plasma. Instead of slaughtering one animal they are selectively...
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    Can’t beat the view. Really like that big red cow. Who is the RWF calf out of?